Know Your Worth

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Know Your Worth

When you love hard and you give it your all you have to expect the same in return. If all you have to offer is more than they deserve and reciprocate you are giving it to the wrong person.

You shouldn't sit in a relationship that you are constantly feeding but they are letting you starve. It doesn't work that way. You need to be fed physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Don't let your love be wasted on the wrong one.

1. He makes you feel like you are asking for too much

You are not asking for too much when you are simply asking for to be treated with respect. If he makes you feel like what you are asking for is too much, you are asking the wrong person.

Wanting to feel loved and respected should be freely given not fought for. Don't settle for a man who feels like the basics of a relationship are a chore.

2. You often find yourself crying

You won't have to fight to be loved right with the right person. When you love someone for the wrong reasons you end up tolerating and settling and calling it love.

You start to make a meal out of the emotional crumbs they serve you and subtituting real love for artificial love. The happiness that true love creates can't be faked.

3. Wrong relationships change you

The only thing worse than staying in the wrong relationship is staying in it for too long. The right relationship allows you to give your love freely and in turn receive it. The wrong relationship will drain you.

A relationship with no love will rob you of your joy. Which is why almost all loveless relationships cause depression and an emotional disconnection. You are worth more than what you are settling for.

4. You are worth more

Some people got you confused. You don't have to sit in a relationship and tolerate loveless behavior. You don't have to deal with their crazy in order to prove you love them.

Personal relationships are conditional. It is conditioned upon their ability to respect your boundaries. You are worth more than half assed love. Access to your personal life is a priviledge and if they can't get it right, put them out quickly and without regret and without losing sleep.

5. Love is as love does

Losing ourselves to love somebody else will always destroy us in the end. Trying to love them without loving ourselves always leads to settling. Just because we love someone doesn't mean they are safe to love.

Love doesn't make you crazy. Not letting go of someone who does not love you right or refuses to love you right will. Loves is as love does and if they are not willing to deliver the love you need simply walk away.

Love is not simply a feeling it is a belief. When you meet the right one, they will challenge you. It takes the one we're suppose to be with to challenge us to be our best self.

You can't make the wrong person do the right thing. Wipe away your tears, and walk away knowing you gave it your best. Letting go of the wrong one will open up the door for the right one to find you.

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