Let Go And Move On - You Cannot Make Him Love You By Loving Him Harder

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Let Go And Move On - You Cannot Make Him Love You By Loving Him Harder

Having to let go is never easy when our heart is telling us 'no' but the mind knows we have to. It's a battle between the heart and the mind. Our heart wants to give them another chance but our mind is asking "How many chances do they need to prove they will never change?"

An expired relationship will never produce a fruitful outcome. When it's time to let go and we refuse to let go we are only prolonging the heartbreak. You know deep down inside you things haven't been the same in a long time.

The connection you once had died a long time ago, and it's hard to accept it. You keep giving and giving hoping that they will come around and love you just as much if not more.

They don't deserve your love and you have to talk yourself out of letting their neglect deserve your tears. Yes, its hurts. But it's not love that's hurting you. What hurts the most is the expectations you had with the wrong person.

You're hurting because instead of walking away when they showed you who they really were you decided to love them even more but it didnt' work. You gave it your all and got nothing in return, but heartache.

It hurts because you invested so much of your time, energy, and love on the wrong person and you can't help but want it back in return. You're hurt because while you're hurting they seem to be just fine, and acting like your love didn't matter.

You had certain expectations with them and it hurts to know that you have to start over. You're allowing the expectations you had of the wrong person make you feel like you were stupid, and naive.

You feel stupid, and you're embarrassed at the fact that you ignored the red flags. Your mind is telling you that you should have listended and walked away the first time they did what they did.

Truth is we all learn from experience. All of us at some point in our adult life get hurt by the wrong people. We've all fallen in love and have gotten our hearts broken, nobody skips being hurt.

You are not worth any less because you mistook temporary love as lifetime love. They showed you good qualities about them, sold you a story and you believed it. They acted right just enough to hook you in.

None of us jump into a relationship with the mindset of getting hurt. We want to believe and give it a fair chance that love will prevail. That despite being hurt in the past this time might be the right one.

But time always proves if we are right or wrong about someone, not how much we love them. Time will always reveal someone's true intentions, they can only fake it for so long before they start to crack and show their true self.

No more sitting around drowning in your emotions expecting the wrong one to turn into the right one by loving them harder. Loving them harder won't make them love you, you will only develop resentment towards them for not loving you right.

Thank them for the love lesson, let go and move on gracefully knowing that you gave it your all. You deserve amazing love not mediocre. Cleanse yourself of the wrong one and restore your self love.

There is no better feeling than the feeling of being happy within. Find yourself again, you been gone for too long, and when you find her, love her, and never lose sight of her again.

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