Let Them Come To You Because If They Are Truly Interested They Will

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Let Them Come To You Because If They Are Truly Interested They Will

You ever send someone a message and get no response? Minutes turn to hours and hours turn into days? You start to wonder if they got your message so you text them again.

If you are feeling like there is a lack of communication between you and the other person as if you are the only one putting forth effort to hear from them, more than likely you are.

There are different ways to view someone who is unresponsive. Some may say it's rude while others may consider no response a response. It's all about priorities and where you stand with someone.

Here are some reasons as to why you never got a response or barely get one:

1. Lack Of Interest

A lack of interest always shows up in a lack of communication. Someone who is not interested will always have an excuse as to why they didn't respond. Sure we all have busy lives but when the communication is one sided and you are the only one initiating a conversation more than likely they are not into you the same way you are.

2. They Were Busy And Forgot To Respond

We've all have gotten really busy to where we can't respond to a text right away when we receive one. Life gets in the way of being able to respond right away.

Someone can sometimes glance at a text with the intention to reply later, but why does someone not reply at all sometimes? Simple, if someone doesn't reply at all its because you are not a priority. You are not even a second thought.

Someone who has you in mind will get back to you the minute they get a chance to do so.

3. Emotionally Unavailable

Don't be so hard on yourself when someone doesn't reply back to you, sometimes that is the blessing in disguise. Someone who is emotionally unavailable will be hot and cold.

One day they will text you all day and the next you can barely get a reply. You don't need someone who is unsure about you, just let them be somebody else's problem.

4. No Response Was Needed

There is a bit of controversy with this one. Some people feel like statements don’t require responses because they aren’t questions. A statement could just end the conversation.

Otherwise when would the conversation end. Then there are the touchy statements. For example, “I miss you” or “Thinking about you” desire a response but don’t require an answer.

These are what I call loaded statements. When someone doesn’t respond to messages like these you really need to evaluate the situation.

5. They Are In A Relationship

There are two parts to this. We’ll start with the most obvious which is, they are involved with someone else. Which can cause you to also be put on ice.

But if the texting slows down to non-existent then chances are they are seeing someone and simply prefer text them. They don’t want to text you back because they already know what you are on and they are just not on that same page.

6. Prefers To Talk In Person

One of the biggest issues with texting is the way things get lost in translation over text. Some conversations are better had in person or over the phone so you can see the body language and at the very least hear the characteristics of the persons voice, the pauses, the tone.

Saying the right thing (which is always the truth) in the wrong way could really hurt someones feelings. Though you may feel just as rejected without a text response.

No response is a response and what it is saying is very simple and very strong. You are not a priority. This is simply good, bad AND indifferent depending on how you choose to view it.

Everyone wants to feel important and you are such a priority to you, how could you not be a priority to someone else? How dare this person that you have prioritized not do the same for you, right? Wrong!

The problem is not with the person, you can’t change them or their priorities. Change you and yours.

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