Loyalty Is Everything

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Loyalty Is Everything

The desire to be loved does not make someone ready to love. They can have the desire but not the ability to be ready for a relationship. Desire without ability will only make someone ready to be selfish.

Love is reciprocal. It doesn't take, it gives. Never allow someone's desire to love you turn your loyalty into slavery. Loyalty doesn't mean you lose yourself in the process of trying to love someone else.

Loyalty is something that is given just as equally as it is received. Sometimes someone's loyalty is conditional and most often conditioned by their dysfunction. When you have to end a relationship with someone keep reminding yourself why.

When two people love each other their capacity to love, forgive and sacrifice for the sake of their relationship is limitless. That does not mean that you allow someone's dysfunctional ways make you stay in a relationship you shouldn't be in because you call it being loyal.

Loyalty is about being loyal to you first. You have to be willing to dismiss anyone who can't respect your boundaries. A king or a queen will understand that loyalty must be given in order to receive it.

There will always be someone that looks better than your partner who makes more money than they do, but when the love is real and your commitment to them is real, looks and material things do nothing for you.

Some people confuse the word loyalty with putting up with disrespect. When you are being mistreated and you choose to stay that is not loyalty, that is lack of self love.

Self love won't allow you to be in a relationship that hurts. Love doesn't hurt, it builds. If someone gets comfortable disrespecting you, it should make you uncomfortable being with someone who doesn't value you.

If a disagreement or argument makes you run into the arms of someone else you have to question your love for them. Love works through it, and loyalty backs it up.

Your loyalty doesn't switch up depending on the day you guys are having. It remains true to you and to them. Your word means everything and you stand on that.

When someone doesn't appreciate our love and loyalty to them the next best thing to do is to remember to start loving ourselves. Rise up and remember your worth, and your value.

Your worth and your value is not tied to them. Their inability to appreciate you hurts. You are not hard to love, you just put your love in the wrong hands. Not everyone who claims to be loyal is real. It's only a matter of time before someone shows their true colors.

Loyalty is about people who stay true to you behind your back. Be careful of those who aren't loyal to you, but of their need of you in their life. Someone with no loyalty will leave once their need of you runs out.

Loyalty and respect goes both ways. If they don't return it, they don't deserve it.

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