Make Sure Your Woman Is Happy

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Make Sure Your Woman Is Happy

Happy wife, happy life!

There are many tell tale signs that will let you know your woman is not happy. You just have to be willing to listen and be attentive. A woman will become unhappy when she starts to feel like no matter how hard she tries, and no matter how much she gives its never enough.

It becomes draining trying to always be the one holding the relationship together. You can't expect her to keep the same energy towards you when you are giving her every reason not to. The unhappier she becomes, the less attractive you become.

Here are some clear signs the woman you are with is unhappy:

1. Constantly Fighting/Arguing

A woman will only constantly argue with you when she gets tired of repeating herself and seeing no change. When she has to bring things up more than once and it becomes an argument she will start to pull away.

When a woman argues is because she doesn't want to give up on you. When she becomes silent and no longer argues with you its because she has mentally checked out. Don't mistake her silence for weakness.

2. There Is No Trust

When you give a woman multiple reasons not to trust you, you don't have a say in how she decides to handle it. You were fine doing you and not giving a care in the world doing things that led to her not trusting you.

She hates having to question herself as to why she is still around when you don't deserve her. You should be trying to make things right and not keep adding more reasons for her to question you.

3. She Feels Lonely

The worst kind of loneliness is the one we feel next to the person we love. It’s the kind of loneliness that tears you up from the inside, bruises your soul and breaks your heart every single day. If you feel lonely next to him but he doesn’t seem to notice, leave.

It just means he is too involved with himself to notice you’re hurting. Sometimes even if he does notice you're hurting and doesn't care, that tells you what you need to know about his type of love.

4. She Feels Disrespected

Nothing hurts a woman more than feeling disrespected by the man she loves. Every time you don't respect your woman's emotions, opinions, or simply disrespect her by flirting with other women you give her reasons pull away.

You can't expect her to be happy when you are not giving her reasons to be.

5. You Stopped Giving Her Reasons To Be In Love With You

What started off as an amazing relationship now seems like a give-and-take game. You are always the one who tries harder, the one who fights for the two of you, the one who gets hurt and the one who doesn’t feel like she’s good enough.

When you put her through a roller coaster of emotions she will start to feel like the love is lost. Never stop doing the very things you did to win her heart. She chose you, don't make her regret it.

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