May You Meet The One That Caters To Your Heart This Year

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May You Meet The One That Caters To Your Heart This Year

When the right person comes along you will know by the way they make you feel. We've all met people in our lives that play the role long enough to hook us and then their true colors start to show.

The right one however is not about playing a role. The right one is about showing you why they deserve a spot in your heart.

You know what being taken for granted feels like and you know what being lied, cheated, neglected, and betrayed feels like. Those are all things you don't ever want to experience again.

Those experiences from the past have shaped you into who you are today. You are more wise and careful into who you allow access to your life. You are not closed to finding love again, you are closed to those playing games.

Closed to those pretending to want something serious just to use you. Those days are over for you and unless someone takes the time to prove to you they are worthy of your time you rather be single.

When the right person comes along you will know because it will be the little things they do that will catch your attention. They won't be trying to impress you with material things.

The right person will take the time to cater to you not just physically, but emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. They will understand the importance of your mental health as well as every other aspect of your life.

It's not that you have a hard time finding someone to be with, it's more so that you are waiting to meet the one that makes you feel so secure that loving them comes easy and natural.

This year may you find the one meant to handle your heart with care. Someone who doesn't consider you picky for having high standards. You are not conceited, you simply know your worth. Someone willing to learn and accept your past.

May you find someone who is not afraid of commitment. Someone who is willing to try and stay. Someone who understands that you are strong but have a fragile heart.

May you find someone who wants to share life with you outside of the bedroom. Someone with a plan and goals for the future. Who uses the words "We" instead of "I" Someone who includes you in their future plans.

May you find the one that wants your love and fights for it. Someone who respects your time and commitment, and doesn't betray your trust. Someone willing to protect your heart as if it was their own.

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