Move On Sis, He's Not Worth Stressing

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Move On Sis, He's Not Worth Stressing

It's not worth stressing over someone who doesn't have the decency to respect you or love you correctly. The point of being in a relationship is to be with someone who brings out the best in you.

If all you do is stress about what he is doing, or where you stand in the relationship why even be in it? Don't put yourself through unnecessary stress. If he really loved you he wouldn't be stressing you the way he is.


You constantly catch him in a lie. Even after having numerous talks about him lying he still does it. It now makes you question everything he tells you.

You are mentally drained trying to figure out his whereabouts. Real love is honest and committed, don't lose your mind trying to keep a man who doesn't want to be kept.


He mistreats you, leaves you or quits on you, so why do you desire to be with him more than you desire to be with yourself? Why can't you be happy with you, happy without them if you weren't happy with them?

We have to start dealing with emotions that contradict sanity. You are in a relationship to feel loved not to be stressing a man for making you feel alone even tho you are with him.

You Don't Miss Them

You don't miss them, you miss your identity that you lost trying to find them. You aren't miserable because you're alone, you're miserable because you've never learned how to enjoy your own company.

Power is not afraid to walk alone, eat alone or sleep alone. Get your life back, you are amazing with or without somebody!

Cut Them Off

Cut them won’t recover from what’s killing you until you let go and find the strength to not need to be with somebody to be somebody.

You don’t lose what you never honest with yourself, apologize to yourself for not knowing better...then get up from that emotional rollercoaster and go get your life back. Life goes on with or without them.

Going back to a relationship that is killing you will have you feeling conflicted and torn. You will start to feel mad about it because you know they haven't changed. You allowed the good times lie to your emotions forgetting how toxic it really was.

Your desire to be loved has to outgrow your desire to be unloved. Settling for crumbs of affection and calling it love is a lie you must confront. Choose to be alone over being lonely with someone.

You will embrace the future, however uncertain. You will know that your love deserves what it deserves. You will walk away, stronger, better and wiser.

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