Moving On From The Man Who Broke Your Heart

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Moving On From The Man Who Broke Your Heart

Moving on is never easy but necessary when the man you love is no longer the man you once knew. What makes breaking up so hard is the fact that you are not just walking away from them but you are also walking away from a life and future you wanted.

Don't let the person that didn't love you, keep you from the one that will.

It's heartbreaking having to throw it all away and realizing that those plans will never be. But in order to get what you deserve you have to be willing to walk away from what doesn't.

You will find out that there is little hope in a relationship where one person is doing all the work, all the caring and all the supporting. Doing more and crossing oceans for someone who doesn't jump puddles for you.

Trust your gut, when somebody is comfortable taking a nap in your love life. When you value the power of your love, you stop letting it be drained by those who don't. We're too old for words without actions or people who think the best is free or cheap.

You can't be all you can be unless you put yourself on the list of the people who deserve to be cared about and supported. The only person who will have a problem with you caring about you, is the person who doesn't care about you -- when you let them go and move on, you can be free to be the best that you can be.

They didn't know how to love you but don't let that cause you to lose sight of the fact that loving yourself teaches people how to love you or how to love missing you. God put a gift of love inside of you to be unwrapped by the one He meant for you.

When God shows you that somebody is not qualified, assigned or equipped to unwrap His gift, believe Him - - and learn to be OK with moving on, growing forward. Your hope is restored and your joy will be revived when you train emotions to trust the good in goodbye.

Wrong relationships end so right relationships can begin. Relationships that no longer fit might have looked cute once upon a time but you don't look cute in them anymore.

You’ve grown, you’ve moved past needing to be with somebody to be somebody. Don’t hurt yourself trying to fit into relationships that no longer fit your life.

The longer the history, the more good times you will have to remember, and you’ll tend to forget that the good times were brief recesses between the toxic, unloving, consistently inconsiderate reality.

And one day, after enough time, after you let their poison drain, after your desire to be loved refuses to be unloved, after you refuse to go back to making an emotional meal out of emotional crumbs and excusing it...

You will choose you over going back. You will choose to be alone over being lonely with someone else. You will embrace the future, however uncertain. You will know that your love deserves what it deserves. You will walk away, stronger, better and wiser.

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