No Matter What, Always Choose You

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No Matter What, Always Choose You

People deal with being alone differently. While some would rather be in relationships to keep from being alone, others would rather remain single than with bad company.

Going back to a relationship that was killing you will have you feeling torn and conflicted, at times even angry. There is history there and its hard to just let it go because you keep thinking about the good times and failing to realize that they were short lived because the relationship was toxic more than anything.

When you finally wake up from the lie you will realize that you were settling for emotional crumbs. Your desire to be loved will refuse to be unloved and you will choose to be alone over being lonely with someone else.

The benefits of choosing you and being happy will outweight the days when you feel alone. You will embrace the future, however uncertain. This is the time to focus and choose you over anybody else:

1. Self Reflect

When you choose you over anybody else you give yourself time to reflect on you and your life. Things you want to accomplish. Sometimes when you are with someone you get distracted from your goals.

They become the center of your attention that you get lost in them and forget about you.

2. Self Improvement

Choosing you allows you to improve areas of your life you put off. You start to challenge yourself more. You start to accomplish small goals you set for yourself.

There's a sense of relief and freedom you get from dedicating time to you. Your physical and mental health start to become a priority.

3. You Are Your Own Voice

Sometimes when we been in relationships after relationships and never spent enough time alone we tend to lose ourselves in the person we are with.

We tend to become dependent on them that sometimes we don't know how to think for ourselves. We always seek their opinion instead of just going with ours.

4. You Develop A Social Life

Being in a relationship can get in the way of having a social life because you get caught up in cultivating the relationship. When you choose to be alone you get a chance to build friendships.

Platonic relationships with no drama. You meet people with the same interests as you and it gives you the opportunity to build relationships that are worth having.

5. More Time To Focus On Your Hobbies

As we all know and been through when it comes to relationships sometimes they give you no time to focus on things that interest you and that you would pursue if you were single.

Choosing you over a relationship gives you the freedom to explore your hobbies, and discovering new ones. There are things you start to develop a love for that you didn't even know.

Always choose you and continue to choose you. Never lose sight of yourself trying to keep someone else happy at the expense of your own.

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