No More Wasting Time On People. Either You Fw With Me Or You Don't.

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No More Wasting Time On People. Either You Fw With Me Or You Don't.

I no longer have the energy to deal with people who are only around when they need me.

We all have people in our lives whom we wasted too much time on. Whether family, friendships, or relationships. Certain people are nothing more than just there out of convenience.

You will know who is really down for you and who is simply there for what you can do for them. Life is too short to be pouring into people who don't pour back into you.

People take advantage when they see you have a soft heart. They expect you to always be there for them when they need you. Expect you to always be the one to chase after them.

Family is good for staying distant and getting mad when you don't initiate contact. Unless you are the one to call or visit you don't really hear from any of them.

Family will guilt trip you into feeling bad for wanting to feel like you matter. Wanting to be the one who gets a call or a visit without you always being the one having to chase them.

Family member can be notorious for that kind of behavior. Many times family doesn't always act like family and in order to keep your sanity you have to put some of them on a time out.

Friendships are no different. Some friendships are best kept at a distance. Most of those friendships wouldn't be around if it wasn't because you are the one always keeping in touch.

You shouldn't always have to be the friend to initate an outing or a phone call just to check up on them. Why can't those friends do the same for you? If they really love you they will want to check on you too.

People are always quick to tell you how hard they ride for you until it comes to showing it. That's when you really find out who is in your corner. Pay attention to those who are always around no matter what.

You may not hang out wit friends as much as you once did but they are always there for you regardless of how long its been since the last time ya'll seen each other.

Life is not about chasing someone who claims to love you. Stop wasting your time on someone who gives you nothing but lip service. If they really fw you they would show you.

It's a different day therefore it's a different you. No more wasting time on people who won't go hard for you like you do for them. Let their actions match their words or let them out at the next stop. You don't need to carry around extra unnecessary weight.

If they can't match your effort, they can't rock with you.

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