Not Easily Impressed

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Not Easily Impressed

In today’s world success and praise is defined by the fancy car you drive, designer clothes, how large your home is, the dollars in your bank account or the latest model of your cell phone.

However, at a certain age those temporary and materials things are not as impressive to me as a person whose character is defined by what they do when no one is looking, their knowledge and wisdom they can share and in the simplicity of how they live their lives.

There are many people who are not able to own a home but live in a clean and neat apartment or room and yet the size of someone’s house would be so impressive.

Not that there is anything wrong with having a big house. However, the hospitality extended by a person’s welcome would be more impressive than their entrance hall.

With designer clothing too often, people will max out their credit card just to pay for a name that is stitched on a tag that most times cannot be seen.

I am not impressed by the logo on your shirt, your purse, or the face of your watch. Instead, I’d be impressed by your character and confidence if you wore clothing bought at a thrift store.

If you’re fortunate to have a healthy bank account, that’s great and that’s something that should be kept to yourself. However, it would be unnecessaryto brag or share your financial status.

Not everyone you talk to or know may be in the same financial boat and they could be struggling to figure out how they’re going to make the bills or where their next meal is going to come from. I’m more impressed by a kind and sincere heart and the good that they do especially if they have the means to help the less fortunate.

Ideally, cars have become a necessity for most of us. That said, having the latest, most expensive car is nothing special. I think having a reliable car that will give you years of good service before needing to buy another one in a short time is more practical than the speed of an engine or having screens on the back of the headrests.

Technology stays in constant comparison with who has the latest cell phone model and how many gigabytes it stores. Or which model has the best camera. We’re forgetting the whole reason what the purpose of a phone serves.

Using social media can leave us with mixed emotions such as envy and unhappiness. So, I’m not too impressed by how many friends anyone has or the amount of likes on a post.

A lot of times people use social media for validation. It’s a way to seek recognition and display a façade of who they are trying to be rather than who they really are.

While there is nothing wrong with having any of the things mentioned above,I think it’s important that we’re aware of the choices we make and how we behave when it comes to material things.

There are other ways to achieve success such as happiness, contentment and kindness. For me, those are attributes worth being impressed by.

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