Once I'm Done, I'm Done. Leave Me Alone.

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Once I'm Done, I'm Done. Leave Me Alone.

I am no longer interested in hearing what you have to say.

I no longer have time to deal with someone who is not sure about me. I am no longer wasting my time and energy on someone who loves me with lip service but fails at showing me.

I don't ask for much. I simply want someone who knows what they have when they have it not when they've lost it. I don't want someone who crawls back when they see me trying to move on.

Being in a relationship is about being able to express yourself to your partner without judgement. To be loved and cherished. To be respected and uplifted not belittled and talked down to.

It's about being mature and understanding that sometimes you have to compromise to make a relationship work. It's about putting forth effort into making the relationship work.

Some are too weak to walk along side you, to struggle with you and to grow in love with you. Most end up giving up before they qualify for a permanent position in your life.

Challenges weeded them out. They didn't have what it takes to have and fight for great love. Their capacity to love you doesn't qualify them a position in your life.

They can say they love you and still love you incorrectly. As much as we would like someone to be our forever sometimes they are just sent to teach us to be clear about what we want, need, and deserve.

Your love is valuable and when someone proves to you that they are not the one, believe them. Stop assigning permanent emotions to temporary people. You will grow past those emotions and enough will be enough.

You won't be valued by someone who is not meant for you. Never allow your heart to make you second guess your worth or your love because the wrong person doesn't or didn't appreciate you.

Look at it as you are not a fit or a match for the wrong person. You're not hard to love, it's just hard for the wrong person to love you right. Wash their negativity off of you.

Don't blame yourself for their inadequacy, and never allow their loss make you feel like a loser. Letting go of someone who doesn't appreciate you is a win not a loss for you.

There's only so many chances you can give someone until you realize they will not change and stay around simply because you love them will have you resenting them in the long run.

You know your truth, and if he mistook you for someone you're not which does happen let him off at the next stop. He can only be in your life by permission only.

A good lover is always a good giver. Never stop being a good giver because someone failed to appreciate you, just stop giving it to the wrong people and wait for the one who actually deserves your heart.

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