One Day A Man Who Knows How To Love You Will Walk Into Your Life

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One Day A Man Who Knows How To Love You Will Walk Into Your Life

It's unfortunate that some men expect the priviledges of a relationship without the responsibilites that it comes with. The excuses start to mount up "I'm not happy" "we should take a break" etc...

Relationships are meant for the mature. It takes a mature mind to make any relationship work. Relationships are not about taking but about giving everything you have. It takes sacrifice, forgiveness, grace, mercy, change, and a determination to fight for the love you want.

One day the man who deserves your heart will walk into your life and you will understand why things didn't work out with anyone else. Everything happens for a reason, even tho we may not understand it.

Sometimes the very thing we want is the very thing we don't need. You've experienced some of the hardest heartbreaks in relationships you thought were meant to last.

You've dealt with heartbreak and disappointment because you believed that love would prevail each time. The problem was never love, the problem was always the person pretending to love you.

You will know when the right man walks into your life because he will set a spark inside your soul like no other. He will be gentle in his approach and careful with your heart.

He will value everything that someone else took for granted. Don't let your heart second guess your worth or your love because the wrong person didn't appreciate you.

You are not hard to love, it's hard for the wrong person to love you right. The man that's meant for you will appreciate it everything that the last one didn't.

A weak man will never be able to love you right. Sometimes that's all that it is, it's just weakness. Their excuses were just a cover up for the fact that they were too weak to handle the work that great love requires.

However, the right man will never allow his weaknesses to get in the way of loving you correctly. He will take the time to learn your love language and apply it. He will understand the importance of allowing love to take the lead.

The love that we were created to give and receive has a rhythm, a beat that gets clearer the more in tune we are with each other. The man who knows how to love you will never lose a beat.

He will always be in tune with your rhythm. He will make sure that the love he gives and the love he receives agrees with the rhythm of love. Anything less would be cheating you of a deserving love.

The wrong man was too immature to love you correctly and blamed everything on you and why loving you was so hard. One of the most difficult things immaturity will have to do is recognize that it's immature, and most men refuse to look in the mirror.

However, the right man is mature enough to handle a love like yours. He will not run from it, he will embrace it. He is mature enough to understand that love is not a feeling but a commitment to love you even on days he doesn't like you.

When two people love each other they make it work, they make it right, because they understand they can't find better than the one meant for them. The man who knows how to love you will love you unconditionally.

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