Reasons He Will Regret Losing A Good Woman Like You

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Reasons He Will Regret Losing A Good Woman Like You

Not all men are built to handle a good woman.

If your man leaves you, he may not realize what he’s lost immediately. He may think that he’ll find someone better, someone prettier, someone more understanding, but after a while he will see that he’s lost a really good woman and he will regret it.

True love doesn’t come as often as some people think and good partners are even harder to find. Once he realizes this, he will wish that he never let you go. Here’s how he will see that he’s lost something too good for him and that he may never find it again:

He will realize that no one will ever love him like you

When people are in a relationship they start to take things for granted. He may start feeling comfortable and he may start falling into a routine. He may forget about how much you really love him and how much you care about him, but once he loses you he will realize what he’s lost.

He will see that no other woman will ever love him as deeply and as purely as you did.

He will see people are selfish

He will see that people in this world are selfish, that they only care about themselves and their needs and that no one will ever put him in front of their own needs, like you did. He will see that you were the only one who loved him with without expectations, without hidden agendas, just pure, genuine, unconditional love.

He will see that people are materialistic

Once he ventures out in the world and starts meeting other women, he will see that most of them value more the power of money than the power of love. He will meet a woman who he believes is perfect for him, only to discover that she will never love him the way you did, for who he is and not for what he has.

He will see that you were the only one he could really talk to

Whenever he had a problem, something bothering him or he’s simply stressed and upset, you were the one he talked to, you were the one who made him feel better and cheered him up.

When he loses you, he will see that there’s no one else he can talk to, there’s no one else he feels so close to open up and pour his heart out. He will start missing all your long conversations and he will regret ever wanting to leave you.

He will see that a true, genuine connection is rare

Once he starts seeing other women and sharing his life with them, he will come to understand that true connections are really rare. He will see that it’s hard to build a deep connection with other women, to have someone who really understands him and accepts him for who he is.

We’re all humans and no one is really perfect. We all have our flaws and weaknesses and we have our advantages but a good partner will find a way to accept all your flaws and weaknesses and love you for who you are.

When he realizes how much you’ve tolerated him, how much you’ve overlooked his disadvantages and loved him for his good sides. He will see how much you’ve been patient with him and that no other woman will ever treat him that way.

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