Replacing My Heart With A Lego

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Replacing My Heart With A Lego

Everyone who has been through heartbreak is somehow changed. Heartbreak influences on our decisions, on our habits and on our reactions.

Everyone who has been through heartbreak is somehow changed. Heartbreak influences on our decisions, on our habits and on our reactions. We are doing everything differently and we are not aware that those things happen because we went through something different and painful.

Here are the 12 things which women do unintentionally after heartbreak:

Don’t trust anyone

If there is a guy who is interested in us, we will always doubt his intentions. The first thing that comes to our minds is that he is bored or that he just wants to have sex. We don’t take him seriously because someone has let us down in the past. We always perceive the things in a wrong way and we reject the guys who might be honest with their intentions.

Always think about the worst

If the perfect guy appears, we are always going to look for something that is wrong. We even give stupid advice to our friends who date, leave him, he is cheating… Instead of being happy for them, we are always judging and acting paranoid.

Sadness is our friend

We have been through something in the past that left us heartbroken and devastated.  We are scared to love again and we have built a mechanism that can easily accept sadness instead of happiness.

Being romantic looks stupid to us

Seeing a couple that is hugging and kissing or anything that is connected with romance make us vomit. We cannot accept compliments and we are always replying with something stupid. It’s like we want the world to know that our love lives are terrible.

Keeping secrets

Somebody has lied to us and we stopped trusting people. We’ve been disappointed so many times that we are not able to share some things with others, we think that they will use it against us. It is really hard to understand someone who has been heartbroken and tear-jerking.

Chasing for somebody who is out of our league

We are always after some celebrities or athletes and actors that we can only dream of. It’s a defensive mechanism for protection. Knowing that you cannot be with this person will keep you safe from heartbreak.

Play and ruin

If someone has broke up with us in the past, we are here to do that to a nice guy that is actually interested in getting in serious relationship. We tend to leave them before they leave us, we play stupid games of ignorance and we always ruin everything.

Love jokes

“I will die alone with 62 cats” becomes our “Good morning”.  We are not thinking about getting into a serious relationship and we are starting to threat love like a joke. Getting our hopes down becomes a habit and we always blame that person from the past.

Flirting queens

We have fun flirting around. And we are not doing this with one person but with more men. If you do this with one man, eventually things will get serious and he will get the power to hurt us.

Going back

We always get drunk and we use this as excuse to call our ex. Even though we know that they damaged us and that we can get in more trouble than before. We got used to the pain and we constantly have the feeling that this is the worst.


Watching one man falling in love with a girl, even in a movie scene is stupid and unacceptable for us. We are laughing at the real love, we are denying it and we make jokes about it.

Secret Hope

Deep down, besides the hatred and the denial of love, there is still hope that things will get better. After all, we are just human beings and we all need love and someone beside us. We secretly hope that there is one person somewhere in this cruel world who will find us and make our wounds healed.

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