Save The Drama And Stay Consistent

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Save The Drama And Stay Consistent

As wonderful as it would be, the reality is that no relationship is completely drama-free. But if you’re an adult looking to be in a healthy grown-up relationship, there’s just some types of relationship drama that you're way too old to be dealing with.

“You can never be too old for a great toe tingling kiss or mind-blowing sex with your partner. But one thing you can be too old for is jacked-up relationship drama. Time is precious. So don’t waste it on people who are brain-dead about the simple basics of a healthy relationship.

1. Playing Games

I totally understand the concept of trying to play it cool. But there is a point where playing it a little too cool will get you nowhere. If they can’t be direct with you about their feelings and whether or not they’re into you, it’s time to move on.

There's nothing wrong with being open and upfront about your feelings.

2. Unclear Relationship Status

If they won’t call you their girlfriend even though you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, this is childish. It's a sign of someone who's immature and still wants to play the field . The confusion of not knowing where you stand with someone you’re seeing can be the worst.

So as an adult, it’s super important to communicate and define the relationship when the time is right. Either they show you the respect you deserve at your age or you need to move on.

3. Messy

The person you’re dating should be an adult who knows how to take care of him or herself. One of the very basics of doing that is maintaining a clean place to live. If they can’t complete basic household tasks, it might be time to rethink a long-term relationship with them.

After all, how will you be able to share a house together if they can’t even keep an apartment clean? Remember, you’re their partner, not their maid or their mom.

4. Jealousy

Jealously is completely normal but the way you handle that emotion is the key to having a drama-free relationship. If you have someone looking through your phone, breaking into your passwords on Facebook or looking through your computer without your permission you might want to reassess the quality and maturity of the relationship.

5. Emotionally Unavailable

Part of being an adult is learning how to open up and allowing yourself to feel deeper emotions. Being emotionally closed off will rarely ever lead you to the happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship that you want.

If the person isn't willing to let you in and continually withholds their feelings, it will leave you feeling confused, anxious and generally ill at ease. We're too old for guessing games and trying to change someone will never work.

6. Commitment

This can manifest in simple things like being on time, keeping your promises, holding down a steady job, and being dependable. When you’re in a relationship or thinking about one, take notice of the person’s personal commitment traits.

The truth is, if they can’t manage the simple details of day-to-day life, how on earth can they possibly handle the weightier issues that go with marital fidelity, raising children or providing for a family?

You have the power to choose what you do in your life. If you know you're too old to be dealing with relationship drama as seen above, then choose to remove yourself from that situation.

Instead, make the choice to be in a healthy, happy grown-up relationship with someone who wants the same thing. I'm not saying your relationship will be completely drama-free, but you'll get pretty close to it.

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