She Doesn't Just Walk Away, You've Given Her Reasons To

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She Doesn't Just Walk Away, You've Given Her Reasons To

Being a good woman means that sometimes you have to accept that some men just aren't ready for that real type of love, and move on. It is not a woman's job to go the extra mile for a man who can't even love her correctly.

At some point every woman gets tired of giving it her all and getting nothing in return, tired of the mind games, tired of the excuses, tired of the lies, tired of waiting for a man to come to his senses.

It's not a woman's job to babysit a man's emotions and convince him that she's the one, if he can't see that for himself then its his loss. Time waits for no one and neither does a good woman.

Here are 5 qualities every good woman has:

1. Self Respect

She's the type of woman who can love you and still leave you because her self respect won't allow her to settle for the disrespect you continuously display.

She will address it and let you know how she feels about it. It is up to you to change it, she will not beg to be given the respect she deserves, she'll just simply walk away.

2. Will Always Have Your Back

You can always count on her to be there for you. No matter what you are going through she will always have your back. She's a natural giver which is a gift and a curse, because people tend to take advantage.

She will always make sure you are good as long as you are there for her. What she won't do is overly extend herself for a man who won't do the same for her. She's loving, but she's not stupid.

3. Mature

The older she gets the more she realizes the importance of who she keeps in her life. Not everyone deserves her time and energy. She'd rather have one friend that's real than have many who are fake.

She understands that love is a gift and something that can't be demanded or forced. Either you are riding for her or she will drop you off at the next stop. She doesn't have time to deal with anyone who is iffy about her.

4. Resilient

She doesn't bend or break. She is resilient in all that life throws at her. She might get wounded dealing with life's battles, but she will always get back up and keep fighting.

She's not a quitter. As tough as things get for her she finds a way through it. She may not have it all together, but she does have the resilience to keep on going despite everything she's been through.

5. She's Loyal

She's loyal by default. She means what she says, and says what she means. Despite how dirty some people have done her, she's never let it affect her character and who she is.

She's loyal to her man if she has one, but most men think that loyalty means putting up with stupidity and that's not the case for her. Just because she's loyal doesn't mean she will put up any mess.

Her loyalty is earned and must be reciprocated, she won't stick around for a man who won't return the investment. She can love you, but she will lover herself even more and walk away if her love is being taken for granted.

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