She Doesn't Want To Have To Choose Between You, And What She Deserves

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She Doesn't Want To Have To Choose Between You, And What She Deserves

Love is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. Love should make you feel joy and happiness. It should give you a feeling of being loved and protected.

When you are being loved right you will know by the way you currently feel not by the way you felt in the past. If you have to question whether someone loves you or not more than likely they don't.

Someone who loves you will never put themselves in a compromising position that will leave an open door for them to lose you.

Love is not toxic, it's not about how much bullsh*t you deal with and go through. Love is about growth, love is being able to endure the ups and downs and coming out stronger than ever.

Don't settle for someone who mistreats you and confuse that with love simply because they are still around.

Someone who loves you will realize you are worth it when they have you not when you have decided to walk away. They will cherish you and everything you stand for.

They will embrace you flaws and all. They will understand you are not perfect but will love the imperfections in you. Someone who sees you are worth it will do whatever it takes to keep you.

Too many men come into relationships unequipped to love a woman correctly. Expecting 100% loyalty when they can't even provide 50% of it. Expect you to act like a wife but treat you like an option.

They want you to want them exclusively while they run around acting single. There is no greater upset for a woman than when she gives her all to a man who promised her he was different, just to find out he is like the rest who have come before him.

Real love comes equipped with actions that prove it. The fact that he continues to make the same mistakes and not consider how hurts you or the relationship tells you all you need to know about his kind of love.

You have stayed by their side regardless of the many times they let you down. Tried so hard to make things work, yet were taken for granted every single time.

It's his loss you have done everything you could do. Stayed by his side even when you knew you should have left him long ago. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

You stayed for so long throughout all the mess he put you through. Torn between not giving up on the person you love and coming to terms with the fact that the man staring back at you is no longer the man you fell in love with.

Love is as love does. You shouldn't have to beg anyone to love you the way you deserve to be loved. When you give your all and you don't even get a sprinkle of it in return it can make you resent the person you are with.

You are worth phenomenal love, anything less is not worth stressing over.

When self love is your drive you don't allow anyone to sit in your life just to say you have somebody. Giving your all and trying to make things work is not a weakness, its your strength. It takes strength to love someone whom you feel you need to be giving up on.

It takes strength to walk away from someone who has your heart but can never take away your dignity. Sometimes the only option they leave you with is the only option you wish you never had to take.

But when it comes to love you refuse to settle for anyone who only has crumbs of affection to offer. At the of the day if given the option of choosing between what you deserve and the person who mistreats you, you will always choose yourself because that's the one person that will never walk away from you.

Some people are not worth the headaches, life is too short to be dealing with someone who is uncertain about you.

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