She Won't Beg, She'll simply Walk Away.

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She Won't Beg, She'll simply Walk Away.

It may sound ugly, but men have the nerve to stop calling as soon as the woman they’re dating lets her guard down.

Have you ever been in a situation where you date a guy who you really like (and he likes you) until he suddenly vanishes? Many women have been in a similar situation they meet a guy, they think they will spend their life with him, until he figures out that he doesn’t want anything to do with that.

It’s a particularly unpleasant situation you’re left wondering if he’ll come back or he simply realized he doesn’t like you as much as you hoped.

It may sound ugly, but men have the nerve to stop calling as soon as the woman they’re dating lets her guard down. At this point, many women get irritated and they just want to scream in his face.

However, giving him the attention he doesn’t deserve is the exact thing you need to avoid. Constant texting is off limits as well – it will only make you seem like a crazy person. Instead of this, be the girl who “ghosts” him and shows him what happens when he disrespects you.

Don’t waste your time and energy on someone who doesn’t love you. You can use it to travel and meet new people. You could even meet your soulmate! Sometimes, girls need to ditch the stupid girl logic when they see the signs pointing in another direction and simply leave the relationship before it destroys you emotionally.

Don’t hold onto guys that don’t want to be held you’ll surely find someone deserving of your love and attention. Strong women don’t beg guys – they just leave at the first hint that they’re no longer wanted.

Here’s are 2 signs that will show you he doesn’t want you by his side:

He Doesn’t Make the Effort to See You

If a guy likes to see you, he will do it no matter what. If he doesn’t, you’ll hear a ton of excuses. In this case, you’re better off looking for other options.

He Doesn’t Care About You or Your Needs

If you notice that you guy simply doesn’t care about you or your needs, you need to leave him. Going through it all just for the sake of “love” will leave you emotionally crippled in the end. Make yourself a favor before you’re scarred for life.

If you notice these two signs, leave him. You’re better off with a guy who’ll truly love you and will never hurt you.

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