Signs Your Man Has Fallen Out Of Love With You

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Signs Your Man Has Fallen Out Of Love With You

One of the best times for figuring out who you are and what you really want out of life is right after a breakup. It is unfortunate that sometimes one partner falls out of love.

Love is a decision and it has to be worked on every single day. No relationship is perfect but as long both parties are willing to work for it there will never be a reason to fall out of love.

The problem is some men give up before they even try. They allow love to just fade away. They stop putting forth the effort needed to keep the relationship alive and rely on their women to do all the work.

If your partner shows any of these signs it might be that they have fallen out of love:

1. He's Constantly Going Out Without You

He makes plans that don't include you. He is always going out with his friends but never invites you. Nothing screams i don't like being around you more than someone who doesn't make an effort to make plans.

2. Cheats On You

You've caught him stepping out on you more than once. The times you have forgiven him he has promised to change but that promise is short lived before he's back doing the same thing.

3. Never Makes Time For You

It feels like you have to beg for him to spend time with you. It's always a list of excuses as to why he can't spend time with you. Nothing in his scheduled has changed much but yet he never has time.

He had all the time in the world at the beginning. All of the sudden he is always busy.

4. Never Pays You Any Attention

You try to look good not just for you but for him but he never seems to notice. You go out your way to do your hair a certain way and even wear something sexy for him and he doesn't even notice.

Something other than you always has his attention, it seems like you are always last on his list.

5. Lack Of Intimacy

His interest in being intimate with you is non existant. He never seems to be in the mood. When you guys do come together he is really dry and to the point.

He doesn't try to romance you it's always get right to it and is never concerned whether you are pleased.

6. Never Talks To You

He use to talk to you about his day, even if it was something small. Now its like pulling teeth trying to get him to have a decent conversation with you.

He just seems so uninterested in sharing much lately.

7. No Longer Engages In Arguments

Arguments are normal in a healthy relationship. No relationship is perfect and conflict can sometimes serve its purpose in bringing you closer together.

Lately he just seems like he can care less about making a point. Which more than likely means he has checked out.

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