Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship That’s Never Going to Make You Happy

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Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship That’s Never Going to Make You Happy

We all crave for love, true, pure, genuine love and it’s easy for us to get carried away when we want something so badly.

We all crave for love, true, pure, genuine love and it’s easy for us to get carried away when we want something so badly. Whenever we’re in a relationship we want to believe that it’s the perfect one, that we’ve finally found our soulmate and the person we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with.

However, not all relationships are meant to last forever, and sometimes, as much as we want to believe that everything is perfect, we need to open our eyes and face reality.

When is it time to admit that the relationship you’re in is not doing you any good? When is it time to say goodbye and carry on? How can you tell if your relationship is doing you more harm than good and that it’s poisoning you from within? How to recognize that you’re in a toxic relationship?

If you’re struggling with these questions like many do, here are 6 signs that your relationship is simply toxic for the both of you and that it’s time to let it go:

You feel like there’s nothing you can do right

At the beginning of every relationship we feel like the person we’re with is the perfect match for us, it’s the initial infatuation that all couples go through.

But once this period ends, we need to start accepting the other person, with all of his flaws and imperfections and realize that there’s no such thing as perfection.

But if your partner starts looking at just your flaws and starts criticizing you about anything and everything it may be a signal that things aren’t going as well as you think. Nobody wants to spend time with someone who criticizes them constantly, who slowly messes with their self-esteem and makes them doubt their capabilities.

This kind of behavior is toxic for you and will only make you miserable and insecure, which is why you need to end things before any long-lasting damage is done.

You start avoiding your partner or he starts avoiding you

If you start finding excuses to leave the house or spend less time with your partner, it’s a tell-tale sign that something is off. The same goes for him, if he starts avoiding you and spends more time with other people than you.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting some time for yourself, you can’t be together all the time, but clear avoidance is a sign that you’re in a relationship that you don’t want to be in.

You simply don’t care about their happiness

In a relationship, partners tend to care about their partner’s happiness and well-being, about how they feel and if there’s something bothering them.

But if you find yourself unconcerned about your partner’s mood and state of affairs, if you simply no longer care about how he feels, if he’s well, happy and satisfied, it’s probably time to let this relationship go.

Happy relationships are made of two people who care about each other and who think about each other’s feelings and emotions. If you or your partner couldn’t care less about the other person’s feelings, this relationship is not going to make you happy.

There are jealousy issues

If you or your partner are obsessively jealous and fight about it constantly, there’s no future for your relationship. There’s a big difference between a little bit of jealousy and the obsessive type that happens as a result of a lack of trust between the partners.

Whatever it is that’s bothering you and making you insecure about your partner, you need to talk it out and discuss it. If you’re past any form of discussion and constructive arguments, your relationship is doomed for failure.

You fight about the same thing all the time

If it feels like you’re fighting about the same thing every time you start arguing with your partner it means that you haven’t resolved anything the last time you talked about it.

It also means that there’s probably a bigger issue in the background that’s preventing you from figuring things out. It also means that you probably lack good communication and that’s why you can’t resolve anything.

If you feel like there’s room for improvement, try to communicate with your partner and find a constructive resolution to your problem. But if you’re both sick of your arguing and don’t feel like moving a finger to reach a compromise, there’s nothing else you can do, it’s time to end it.

You’ve lost yourself

If you feel like you’re not yourself anymore, that you can’t recognize the person you’ve become since you’ve started this relationship, and that you don’t like this new you at all, it’s a clear sign that you’re in a toxic relationship that’s changing the core you.

No one is perfect, we all have our flaws and imperfections, but when you’re in love with someone you accept him for who he is, flaws and good sides included.

If your partner is constantly trying to change you, to shape you according to his needs and desires, he’s not the person for you. If he truly loves you he will never try to do it.

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