Someone Let Me Know When The Next Batch Comes Out

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Someone Let Me Know When The Next Batch Comes Out

I know good men exist but at times it gets hard to believe they do. It seems like most men these days have forgotten how to be men. They lack the maturity it takes to be in a committed relationship.

They want all the benefits of being in a relationship without having to put the work in. They want a good loyal woman who is all about them but fail to reciprocate the same.

A good woman wants and needs a man who is mature enough to give, bring, and add value to her life. She's tired of dealing with men who still need their diapers changed.

1. She Wants A King

She wants a king who will cover, protect and provide. Those basic qualities seem to be extinct in today's men. She simply wants a man who comes to bring value not to take it.

She's not asking for anything more than what she herself is not able to bring to the table. Everything she wants in a man, she is willing and able to reciprocate.

2. Honesty

Honesty is the greatest form of respect for someone you're with. She's not asking for the impossible, she's asking for simple attributes that shouldn't be beat into you. Get out of your own way n put your ego aside so that you can be real.

Vulnerability is the most sacred and powerful form of oneness and the single biggest reason for failed relationships. Without vulnerability, we don't have honesty, trust, nor acceptance.

Be real with yourself and if this is a quality you lack, don't even bother pursuing her, because you will just be a waste of her time.

3. Respectful

Respect is not just about not calling her out of her name but its also about how you treat her. She's tired of dealing with men who come into relationships with a child like mentality.

Ready to get disrespectful with the woman who loves him because he can't have his way. A man child will be quick to get disrespectful but can't take what he dishes out. If you can't respect her as your woman, respect her enough to let her go and find someone who will.

4. Romantic

Don't lose sight of your woman. Just because you now have her doesn't mean you stop romancing her. One of the biggest mistake men make is they stop doing the very things they did when they were trying to win her heart.

It's no longer about impressing her, you already have her heart. Its about making her feel special. Letting her know she is still the most beautiful woman in your eyes. It doesn't always take money to romance a woman.

Simple gestures can go a long way in making her feel like she is still beautiful in your eyes.

5. She Wants To Feel Safe And Protected

Even the most independant woman wants to feel safe, loved, and protected by the man she is with. It's in her nature to feel emotional at times. As her man it's your job to make her feel safe and protected, not judged for having a vulnerable moment.

She wants the security in knowing that she can count on you to be there for her when she needs you the most. Don't distant yourself when she's feeling vulnerable. That is your opportunity to make her feel like she's safe in your arms.

Love sees something on the inside that others can't, and appreciates what others couldn't. Love wants nothing except to love, to grow, to go deeper. You will know when you meet love.

Love will come when you're ready, mature and secure enough to submit to love. The heart wants what the heart wants but love wants what the heart needs. Don't wait for love, prepare for love.

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