Sometimes Your Love Can Be Too Much, Let The Trash Out

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Sometimes Your Love Can Be Too Much, Let The Trash Out

Relationships are not complicated but the person you are with might come with baggage they have yet to unpack. Whatever past experiences they might have had in the past leaks into their current relationship and infects it's potential to grow.

What could have been a healthy relationship now becomes unhealthy. Unhealthy relationships when not dealt with properly can cause us to abandon ourselves and our self love.

Some people are so used to being in unhealthy relationships they don't know what it's like to be in a healthy one. They rather deal with someone that mistreats them, because they rather be in what feels familiar to them.

People tend to forget that love is a healer. The most difficult problems are never too difficult for love between two people who are willing to do what it takes to make love work.

If love does not stretch you, it's not the love that's meant for you. Everything that's wrong, emotionally broken or needs to be grown out of us is going to be the friction between you and the person meant for you.

They are sand paper for your rough edges, a mirror for how you really look, and a trigger for what brings out what's broken. We haven't passed our class if we haven't figured out what's wrong with us - - not them.

A relationship is a union of past histories and experiences. Relationships start with the love we're inspired by, and grow from the love we've experienced.

A relationship with unresolved holes in it cannot hold love and if the holes aren't fixed, the relationship will suffer, resentment and unhappiness will take over. Don't go down with the ship, fix the ship before the ship goes down.

Examine yourself and unpack the baggage that you've been carrying since you were a child and that you keep looking for someone to carry for you. Only then will you be ready to go into a relationship to give instead of just get.

To be a partner and not a problem, to find someone who will compliment you and not someone to fill a void during a period of loneliness. When you're healthy and happy with you, you'll be ready to bring happiness to the table to compliment your partner.

Love is what connects us. Emotions connect us to what we want, even if what we want is not who we need. One of the hardest things for us to do is to let go of emotions that want someone not meant for us.

Whenever we try to keep someone who is not meant for us we almost always end up emotionally resenting them for being the wrong person.

Someone who never grew up before they got into a relationship will often bring immaturity and a child like mentality into the relationship. You will soon find out that trying to love an immature person is impossible.

They will become emotionally draining. Never forget that your life is not over just because their role in your life is over. You can't let your past dictate how you live your life.

Your love is a priviledge, but you are emotionally attached to everything you gave and forgetting that it was their neglect that was killing you. You've prayed for peace but before you can have peace you have to have the courage to let them go.

Forgive yourself for losing yourself for a short period of time. Let the chips fall where they may. The last thing you want to do is keep people around who are okay with disrespecting your boundaries. Learn to appreciate the lesson learned and never repeat it again.

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