Stop Chasing After A Man Who Doesn't Want To Be Caught

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Stop Chasing After A Man Who Doesn't Want To Be Caught

The saddest sign that a woman needs to do self-healing is when she chases after a man that’s making it clear he doesn’t want her. Your presence will never change a boy into a man, but your absence can. Wasted time and broken hearts are usually the result of dating a man you see potential that he fails to see in himself.

When a man really wants you, he will find a way to show you, he will find a way to make time, he will want you to know for a fact that he wants you. When a man really wants you, it's extremely hard to resist the urge to let you know it. When he doesn't his list of excuses will only get bigger.

Men don't neglect who they see a future with. If he's not making time and putting forth the effort without you having to ask, he's using your investment in his potential' as practice for the next woman he gets with.

Sometimes we get caught up in the relationship so much that we lose ourselves trying to prove our love and loyalty in hopes that one day it will be reciprocated. You need someone who will man up and stand on his own two feet and act like your man instead you stay with someone for yrs hoping that your loyalty is enough for him to be committed, only to see him walk right out of your life .

Stop peddling backwards and chasing after a man who has made it clear you are not what he wants. Any man that wants you in his life will not put himself in a position to lose you. Your love and loyalty alone can't make the relationship work.

If you’re chasing behind a man who won’t give you a straight answer about what he wants or constantly breaking up and getting back with a guy who routinely screws you over, then it’s time to reevaluate his true value. What do you need that only he can provide? Nothing. You don't need him, he's just convinced that you do.

Not everyone deserves a second chance and not knowing when to walk away will rob you of the best years of your life. One more chance turns into two more chances followed by one last chance.

Some situations are unique and do deserve a chance to work themselves out. But you need to evaluate yourself and the relationship. Were you really that happy with them that you need them back in your life? Are they worthy enough of a second chance and the possibility of them hurting you again?

It hurts bad when you give someone a second chance just to get played, it's embarrassing. The sickening pain you feel because you knew better but took a chance to be broken down again.

Never allow yourself to stoop so low that you feel the need to chase a man to give you the love you deserve. You have to love yourself enough to find the strength to let go and heal the damage left behind. No man is worth losing your sanity over. Always remember you are the prize and you are worth exceptional love.

Once you let go, don't make the mistake of walking back into the very same situation you cried endless nights about. Let go with grace and know that you are better off without the person who did nothing but disrespect you.

There's nothing wrong with moving on from being treated wrong. Never feel guilty for recognizing your worth. It's too many men out here to be stuck chasing after a man who doesn't even treat you right.

Knowing your worth and knowing you deserve better makes all the difference. We all make mistakes, but stop allowing yourself to make the same mistake over a man who is not showing you anything different. It's either you will be in a relationship or completely single. You don't have time to get mad at things you see or hear about a man who doesn't even belong to you.

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