Stop Doing Wifey Duties For A Man Who Doesn't Deserve It

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Stop Doing Wifey Duties For A Man Who Doesn't Deserve It

Men love to preach about what makes a good woman but fail at being good men themselves.

Love relationships usually begin with the orientation phase, the ‘honeymoon’ where attraction and allurement captivate the partners.

It is a unique perch where others are far away from our thoughts. It is an emotional roller coaster ride with your partner where you never seem to have enough of their company. This phase lasts at least for a few months.

What he does after the honeymoon stage wears off is what matters most. Does he still want to spend time with you and does he still respect you. Does he still treat you like a priority.

Ladies, don't confuse menu love with unconditional love. Menu love appreciates a piece of you, unconditional loves appreciates all of you. Men who eat off the menu rarely eat at the same place forever.

Men love to preach about what makes a good woman but fail at being good men themselves. They expect a woman to be loyal, to cook, and sex them but can't even be there for her when she needs him most.

Men will continue to make excuses for why they can't be with you while still getting all of the benefits of a relationship without having to commit for as long as you allow it. When a man really wants you, he will find a way to show you, he will find a way to make time, he will want you to know for a fact that he wants you.

You'll waste your whole life waiting for a man to change. Sleeping next to him and feeling alone. Wondering why he won't treat you right. You keep thinking it's your fault and you give more and more, hoping that your efforts will change things. You're in love with a lie, this is just the truth that you don't want to face.

You can't keep a man that doens't want to be kept, if he's treating you like an option you are not who he wants to be with. It's not that he doesn't know how to love you, it's that you are not who he loves.

You can bend over backwards for a man but if you are not who sees himself being with you will end up wasting yrs of yours life on a man who gave you all the red flags but you chose to ignore them.

Love is as love does. You shouldn't have to tell a man how he should treat you, it's common decency. As your partner he should be bringing out the best parts of you but instead he has you questioning where you stand.

You can’t spoil a man into being happy with you! You shouldn’t have to fuss and fight with a grown man, your job isn’t to drop bread crumbs and hints in hopes that he gets it and starts to treat you right.

In a healthy relationship, a man meets a woman half way, not some of the way, not a few steps, all that remaining way. Stop dragging a man that’s standing still, and get the hint that he doesn’t want to go.

In any healthy relationship arguments will arise but never to a point where a man feels comfortable disrespecting you. Stop letting him guilt trip you into feeling bad for calling him out on his BS.

The sooner you realize your value the sooner you will stop dealing with any man who can't respect your boundaries and makes you feel as if you are asking for too much. It's not your job to make him realize the good woman in you.

If he can't see it for himself simply walk away, there's always a man outthere willing to treat you better than what you are settling for.

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