Stop Giving A F*ck About A Guy Who Doesn’t Give One About You!

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Stop Giving A F*ck About A Guy Who Doesn’t Give One About You!

Being the only one who is constantly giving it your all while your partner acts like they can care less is exhausting. Some of us are naturally givers and that can sometimes be our downfall.

It's hard to stop loving someone even if they are hurting us. But walking away from someone who doesn't care about you says a lot more about you than it does about them.

When your love is real, its hard to just stop loving someone. That's what makes breaking up so hard to do. You know it's time to go, but love just won't let you walk away. Real love wants you to give them another chance; to try just one more time to make it work, even when deep down inside you know...they'll never change.

Here are some reasons why letting go is better than staying where you are not appreciated:

1. You've Given Them Chance After Chance To Change

Sometimes you have to accept the fact that you won't stop loving them and walking away has nothing to do with love loss but everything to do with self love.

Someone who keeps proving to you that they have no intentions to change is someone you don't need in your life. Keeping someone around just because you love them will drain your joy.

2. It's A Waste Of Time And Energy

Life is too short to deal with someone whom you have to constantly argue with about how you want to be treated. They should have enough decency to listen and apply themselves to making you happy.

It is a waste of time and energy when you exert yourself in a relationship that has reached a dead end. It simply comes down to falling deeper in love with yourself and understanding that staying in a dead end relationship is betrayal to your own self.

3. Taken For Granted

Regardless of what you do for them and the relationship it is never enough. You find yourself not only pulling your end but have to pull their weight too.

They don't even do the bare minimum to fight for the relationship yet the minute you stop doing something they are quick to point it out. You don't need someone who takes your love for granted.

4. They Act Like They're Single

Nothing more disrespectful than a partner acting like they're single as if you don't exist in their world. They still have dating apps on their phone.

You constantly catch them flirting online and messaging other people as if you are not in the picture. That type of behavior is unacceptable and unless you put a stop to it they will keep doing it.

5. You Don't Feel Loved

He knows you don’t feel loved because he knows he isn’t showing you real love! If you felt loved, you wouldn’t have to beg for his attention. If you felt loved, you wouldn’t be going crazy about him not committing to you.

If you felt loved, you wouldn’t be up at night worrying about if you are indeed just someone to pass the time with. He says he "loves" you, but when was the last time you’ve felt as if he loved you?

You shouldn't have to think back to the times he has done something nice, if you really felt truly loved by him you wouldn't be tracing back trying to remember all the nice things he's done for you in the past.

6. You Deserve Better

When you know you deserve and want better it's hard to settle for mediocre. Being a good woman has nothing to do with how much stupidity you put up with.

Being a good woman is about accepting that some men are not built to handle the love you give. Not everyone deserves your heart and if they plan on staying in your life either they get right or get left. There's no room for someone undeserving of the love you offer.

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