That Was Pointless We Could've Stayed Strangers

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That Was Pointless We Could've Stayed Strangers

There are some really great single women out here just minding their business and living life. But why does it seem like men preach about wanting an amazing woman yet can't handle one when they have one?

The idea of having a great woman for some men is a dream come true if they can find one. The problem is these same men who are looking for great women have failed at working on themselves becoming great men.

They want a woman who is wife material who can do this and that but yet still living in their mother's basement with no ambition to better themselves and their circumstances.

Great women require great men to make a relationship work. It can't be one sided. She can't be the only one trying to hold it down and fighting to keep the relationship above water.

Many of you are great, smart, men yourselves, but as women, a lot of us constantly search for answers as to why the strongest, smartest, most talented women get played by men — men who knew they were not ready for our strength to begin with.

Men are attracted to strong women but can also be intimidated by one, the attraction is what makes some men pursue women they know they're not ready for wholeheartedly.

Men need to know where they stand emotionally so that they don't go pursuing relationships they are not ready for. Some women have been through some real toxic relationships to have to be fooled by a man trying to play a role he is not ready for.

For any woman an emotional connection is a greater connection than a sexual connection. The sex can be great but if the connection is not there the relationship is doomed.

It is 2020 if sex is all you are looking for be honest about it. The worst that can happen is she'll make it clear that that's not what she's looking for and keep it moving.

There are plenty of women out here who are just looking for sex. You can find one of them and not get a woman emotionally involved in a relationship you knew from the very beginning you didn't want.

It is wrong and really selfish for a man to pursue a woman just for sex making her think and feel like she is the only woman he wants just to fulfill his sexual needs.

If she opens up to you about how she's been hurt in the past, don't turn around and hurt her in the same way. Don't string her along, simply be honest with your intentions.

Don't have her investing yrs of her life into you if you are not sure she is who you want to be with. Every failed relationship destroys a woman in ways you can't imagine.

It's heartbreaking for any woman to have had invested so much of her time, energy and emotions on a man who made her feel like she was everything he wanted just to turn around and make her feel like she means nothing.

To the men who are intrigued by great women, but know they are not ready to handle one, kindly refrain from "shooting your shot." And women, don't feel like you have to pick up the pieces in a relationship. Be the badasses you are and keep going. Someone will one day appreciate the love you offer.

Stop allowing someone's dusty son make you feel like you are not enough or too complicated to love. You are everything a man outthere is looking for so don't settle.

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