The 3 Most Hurtful Things A Narcissist Will Do To You

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The 3 Most Hurtful Things A Narcissist Will Do To You

Narcissism has become all to common now a days. Narcissism, in lay terms, basically means that a person is totally absorbed in self. The extreme narcissist is the center of his own universe. To an extreme narcissist, people are things to be used. Luckily, more and more people are becoming aware of narcissistic traits.

A Narcissist will be your friend and keep you close to him as long as you are useful. Once you do not have anything more to offer and he has taken all he wanted from you, you are history. You are no longer desired, wanted, or sought.

Once you open up your weaknesses to them and then ask them to reciprocate, they look for excuses to label you and reject you. They are only concerned with their own personal needs and benefits. Most nacissist come across as very charming, passionate, exciting and charismatic. They slowly lure you in with their charm. Soon enough you start to believe that you have found the one, they understand you. The vibe and connection you feel when you guys are together is like something you have never experienced before.

He says all the right things and makes you feel like you are the best thing that has ever happened to him. He praises the air you breathe and constantly reassures you, and tells you all the things that he admires about you. This is a well thought out technique he uses to get you to trust him. He is building a sense of dependency.

You start to miss all the attention once it gets taken away. He slowly had you build up an emotional dependency on him without realizing it. Once he has achieved his strategic way into your heart, the damage abuse and damage begins to happen.

His manipulative ways leave you feeling defenseless. Here are 3 harmful ways a narcissist will slowly cause damage in the relationships.


No matter what you are doing they find fault; the ways to criticize you, put you down, bring up your most painful wound and throw it in your face, go over again what you seemingly did to them that can never be forgiven … and the list goes on and on.
All of which makes you doubt yourself and seriously question your own integrity, intentions, and identity. And … if the narcissist in your life isn’t critical verbally, there are things they do that still hurt you immensely, leaving you feeling devalued, insignificant and not worthy of their care or attention.


Gaslighting enables narcissists, to exhaust you to the point where you are unable to fight back. Rather than finding ways to healthily detach from this toxic person, you are sabotaged in your efforts to find a sense of certainty and validation in what you’ve experienced.

They lack the remorse, empathy, or conscience to have any limits when they terrorize you or covertly provoke you. Gaslighting by a narcissist is covert murder with clean hands, allowing the perpetrator to get away with their mistreatment while depicting you the victim as the abuser.


This is when a narcissist brings a third person into their relationship in order to remain in control. The Narcissist will bring another person, more often than not a new romantic interest but perhaps a platonic friend, into their primary intimate relationship in order to create discord, confusion, and jealousy.

The disordered individual will enjoy the attention, whether negative or positive, and may even let the triangulated individuals know about each other so they fight for their attention. The narcissist will pin you against an outsider and make you feel inadequate when compared to them.

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