The 8 Types of Man That You Should Avoid Dating.

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The 8 Types of Man That You Should Avoid Dating.

There are women and men, although this article is for women, despite all the toxic signals being visible.

More than burying your head in the sand, wasting months and years of your life with men that will never see you, I challenge you to take the reins of your existence. I challenge you to look after your subconscious wounds and run away from men that will add nothing to your existence or well being.

There are women and men, although this article is for women, despite all the toxic signals being visible. They live within a specie of confusion and blindness bubble, where the acceptance for the unacceptable is the new norm.

The euphoria of a new possible relationship and the intoxicating hormonal cocktail can blind women leading them to unnecessary drama and unhealthy relationships. But also warn them that they need to love themselves more.

If you are looking for a serious relationship and someone to share your life with, please run away as fast as you can, from this type of men:

1. The mama’s boy:

They can be good friends, but terrible intimate partners. Although it might be amazing to see your boyfriend or partner close to his mother, the problem begins when their relationship has enmeshed contours.

A romantic relationship is doomed to suffer and failure if he relies too heavily on his mother, whether it is approval or emotional support. And believing it or not, his mother will compete and be jealous of you.

For that reason, and because no one can measure up to her self-image and standards, you will be the one that will be out of the game, sooner or later.

2. The passive aggressive man:

Look at how he faces life challenges and how he reacts when you express your needs. Does he pull away from you? Do you feel inexpressive anger from his side?

3. The man who is addicted to alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, and games:

Many women are attracted to problematic men because they think their love will cure them.

4. The man who has a crazy Ex:

It can be true or a lie. Look at if he takes his part of the responsibility for the relationship failure.

5. The Alpha Male:

Exists exceptions, but the typical alpha male will confidently speak to a woman he found attractive in a bar and may make a woman feel feminine and desired.

These men, however, tend to go for women who are their subordinates or are younger so they can always feel more powerful.

6. The man who is jealous and wants to control you:

They will perform jealous scenes worthy of Hollywood, will criticize the mini skirt that you wear, or withhold intimacy from you, making you starving for his crumbs of affection and physical contact.

7. A man who knows it all

No matter what the conversation is he always seems to know it all and manages to make you feel dumb for not knowing certain things. He doesn't take the time to teach you. He just makes remarks that make you feel stupid.

He doesn't respect your opinion because in his eyes he knows it all.

8. The selfish and the victim:

Everything is about him and even the world is against him. Even when he is wrong he plays the victim instead of taking accountability for his wrong doing and fixing it.

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