The Heartbreak Is The Blessing

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The Heartbreak Is The Blessing

It's hard to explain, and even accept sometimes, why things happen the way they do. Why a relationship that had lifetime potential turns out to be a season of hurt.

Some heartbreaks hurt more than others, specially if there were years invested in someone. Someone whom you thought you would have in your future.

Truth is wounded people wound people. A wounded person does not have to be intentional to be harmful. When you open your heart to a wounded person, unknowingly, you will either be hurt by them or hurt for them — or both.

People who have internal struggles will struggle with the people around them until they heal. An unhealthy heart cannot hold love, any more than a cup with a hole in it can hold water.

You can inspire someone to heal but self-love does the work to heal. Don’t lose yourself or blame yourself because someone does not love themselves enough to heal...If they cannot heal with you, you have to be strong enough to let them be unhealthy away from you.

You’re disappointed in you, in letting it happen again, and you’re beating yourself up for breaking your promise to not be in this same situation again. It’s not how many times we fall down but how many times we get back up...apologize to yourself, and get back up.

Healing right requires that we stop trying to get over them...we don’t have to get over somebody who wasn’t right for us and didn’t deserve us. We have to get over the emotions that made us love the wrong person the right way.

They aren’t the last of the wrong people...and they won’t be our last if we don’t fix what makes us give our love to wrong people or resist not picking our pearls up when wrong people prove they’re the wrong people.

The best thing in the world a wrong person can do is show you that they’re the wrong person. Everything that happens after they do is not about them, it’s about why we don’t think we can do better.

Don't try to understand them, understand that they were who they were and nothing you did caused their behavior. Apologize to yourself for allowing yourself to excuse, deny and tolerate their neglect, and promise yourself that you will never allow someone to treat you any kind of way.

Don't ignore the warning signs of their behavior again. You're entitled to a mistake, and in time you will heal and love again...The key is to intentionally heal so that you do not bring the bricks or the tolerance for unloving behavior from the past into a new relationship.

Healing in our mind and body, always produces healing in our relationships...that healing might include release. Don't worry about who stays or who goes when you get healed...your healing is more important than who stays or who goes.

If your healing causes any to leave or to get released, that is prosperity not a problem.

"Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" -- You've invested your heart and soul. You've done things that you never thought you would, knew you could or even believe that you did.

You learned how to make a meal out of crumbs, and you didn't know just how close to emotional death you were. You left it all on the table...nothing is left but the bruises, scars and nightmares.

Cry your last cry, get it out...Poison takes time to drain. It's over...

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