The One That Broke You Can't Be The One To Heal You

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The One That Broke You Can't Be The One To Heal You

Sometimes you have to let them go even if it hurts. When you love them enough to let them go, your self love will increase. Nothing that hurts you is meant to last. Self love loves enough to know that's what meant for you won't hurt, or humiliate you.

Letting go and trusting that you will be better off takes strength You’re not going to get better, make them change or make them come back.

What is for you is for you, who is for you is not going to leave you, and no matter what never run back to the person that broke you in the way that they did.

Sometimes we can't know if letting someone go is the right decision. Sometimes all we know, at the moment, is continuing to live and love the way we are is the wrong decision.

They don’t care about you, they care about what you do for them...they care about you tolerating them. Even if you’re in the same house, it’s their house. They will treat you like trash and believe they treat you like a treasure.

When you try to leave they will refuse to let you go...not because they want you but because they can’t stand the thought of somebody else wanting you.

You can't always fix things by fighting it out, sometimes time apart is the only way some things can be fixed. Absence heals, surrenders and prepares the heart to love right when we're supposed to be with someone.

Everybody is good at falling in love, and most of us think that growing in love is just as easy as falling. It’s not. If we fall for that lie, the relationship will be a battle...a nonstop battle.

Why should it be hard to grow in love with somebody you fell in love with? Because falling in love is a feeling, growing in love takes work...

When you love someone and they don’t love you back...understand something: Your feelings are not hurt because they didn’t love you, your feelings are hurt because you thought loving somebody forces them to love you back, to want you and to treat you right.

Those feelings, no matter how painful, are a part of living. You’ve heard that, “Trouble don’t last always,” and even though it doesn’t, it can and will hurt while it does. What happened won’t un-happen...what was meant to end won’t restart or be again.

Pain, all pain, begins to subside as we are no longer emotionally controlled by we allow ourselves to fully embrace our potential to get back up again.

Healing is not always quick and easy...most of the time, deep healing is hard in the beginning, ugly in the middle but suddenly, if you don’t give up on you, joy will come in the morning.

Some of our biggest breakthroughs come from our biggest breakdowns. Take your time, feed your soul, keep people around you who keep drama away from you, and heal — day by day, cry by cry, prayer by prayer.

You can’t get authentic healing or deliverance if you can’t be honest with yourself, and if you cannot handle feedback that does not feed your wrong. We can cry about it but until we’re ready to do something about it, we will stay stuck.

Don’t go off of feelings alone. Feelings don’t lead the confirmation of the right one, evidence does. Everybody had a wrong one that produced loving feelings...only to find out that feelings without the right evidence, over time, produce disappointment.

The wrong one is not always wrong upfront. Brokenness produces premature feelings from contaminated roots. We have to heal right to discern right. Somebody who is compatible with your brokenness will never be comfortable or compatible with your healing.

Sometimes we have to recognize that we weren’t in a relationship, we were in a one sided situation. You didn’t lose love when you lost them...they lost love, you gained your peace back, your joy back, your self-respect back.

If you haven’t gained yet, it’s because you haven’t healed yet...the best thing that ever happened to you is release from a situation that didn’t reciprocate or appreciate you. Get back in position, that wasn’t the love meant for you.

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