The Only Way To Win With A Toxic Person Is Not To Play

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The Only Way To Win With A Toxic Person Is Not To Play

Closing emotional doors that let the wrong people in or keep the wrong people in your life has to be the easiest thing you do. Toxic, unhealthy and negative people are a friend to your weakness and an enemy to your greatness.

Don’t be afraid to let people know that, “Things have changed and you have to get back to focusing on your priorities and plans for your life.” This is your Reset season...

Cry if you have to, let people get mad if they want to but Reset your priorities and stop watering dead things...You only have one life to live and you have to close doors to live it to the fullest.

When a relationship is dangerously toxic, emotionally deadly and threatens to harm your wellbeing, it does not matter what type of relationship it is, it’s a matter of doing what is right to save your life.

You only have so much won’t enjoy this life if you don’t allow yourself to let stuff go. Dragging around history hurt, keeping your heart filled with anger towards people you don’t even talk to.

Holding on to and poisoning yourself with negative emotions and, caring about mess that is beneath you and does not benefit you will mess up your life.

When you are through, be through. When you’re done, take their name out of your mouth. You will miss life if you don’t train emotions to take out the trash and leave it out.

Their dysfunctional behavior is not your responsibility. You can suppor them doing their work but you are not their emotional dumping ground or crash dummy. They have to take responsibility for their crazy, their triggers and their work.

They can ask for help, you can create a safe, no judgement zone for them to do their work but your love is not a free pass for them to act ignorant or get away with ignorance.

No, if they want to be in relationship, they have to surrender to doing their work and not turning the relationship into a toxic shower.

Hating them won’t change them, it will change you into a bitter person. Don’t keep drinking the poison of what they did, you’re too beautiful for that. Let the poison your soul from them so you can turn over a new leaf.

If you’re going to walk in your greatness, you are going to have to get used to forgiving people for your own sake, learning from it and trusting that they won’t ever get that chance again.

When the reason we choose to be with somebody is because of how much crap they can take, that’s usually a doomed relationship — because the underlying reason for being with them is guilt for what you put them through, not love.

A guilt relationship is a toxic, dysfunctional and unloving relationship. When speaking about what caused us to love somebody, we have to be clear about the reasons — there is big difference between realizing you have the right one and feeling guilty for leaving the wrong one.

Guilt won’t last and love is not guilt. If you are chosen because you can take a licking and keep on ticking, step aside and let that man or woman pass. They don’t want you and you don’t want or need them.

Leaving a toxic relationship can leave you with toxic residue. The impact of a toxic relationship is often realized after you've been freed. While in a toxic relationship we're almost always consumed with searching for answers.

Trying to understand why and second guessing ourselves...which is why, for most, it isn't until after we remove ourselves that we have the opportunity to truly feel the damage and to properly grieve.

The trauma of a toxic relationship, like poison, drains slowly...Don't try to understand them, understand that they were who they were and nothing you did caused their behavior. Apologize to yourself for allowing yourself to excuse, deny and tolerate their toxicity, and promise yourself that you will never ignore the warning signs of toxic behavior again.

You're entitled to a mistake, and in time you will heal and love again...The key is to intentionally heal so that you do not bring the bricks or the tolerance for unloving behavior from the past into a new relationship.

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