The Right Man Will Love You The Right Way

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The Right Man Will Love You The Right Way

We accept the love we think we deserve

Women aren’t opening up because men aren’t giving them what they need. Women feel disappointed and resentful after dealing with the wrong men who promise to be different and turn out to be just like the rest.

When a woman keeps getting disappointed she starts to become distant and doesn't easily just gives someone the benefit of the doubt. They have to prove they worth getting her time and energy.

Here are five things that all women need and want in a relationship.

1. Make Her Feel Loved

There is something romantic about a man who takes care of his girlfriend without being overbearing. Instead of being constantly worried about her security, you should do things that would make her feel secure.

A man who makes his girlfriend feel secure is sure to melt her heart easily. Making her feel secured makes her feel loved, they go hand in hand.

2. Understanding Her Silence

Silence speaks volumes. And if you are comfortable in your girlfriend’s silence, you will be comfortable with her under any situation. And trust us, there are moments like this—when the both of you can share comfortable silence in each other’s company—that makes a woman feel loved.

Words don't always have to be said, sometimes a simple hug is all she needs. If she has mentioned something several times and she is now silent about it, understand she wants you to do something about it. Don't ignore it just because she is no longer talking about it.

3. Accepting Her Flaws

True love is unconditional. Which means you would be in love with your girlfriend’s flaws and imperfections. Have you ever complimented her looks before she puts on make-up? Have you ever told her how cute she looks when she gets angry?

Or that childhood scar on her face, makes her look so mysterious? No woman can resist a man who loves her for who she is.

4. Sharing Your Weaknesses

Given the social conditioning of men, it’s not easy for them to accept their weakness, let alone talk about it. But when a man, after overcoming all his social awkwardness and doubts, opens up about his weaknesses to his girlfriend, there is no doubt that she would love him even more for it.

Talking about your weaknesses makes a woman feel like you really trust her therefore she feels loved and becomes really fond of you.

5. Romantic Gestures

Never underestimate the power of good old chivalry, my man. Gone are the days when a man would hold the door for a woman or pay her compliment when they meet.

But there is something magical about such small gestures of chivalry and no woman can resist that. Women still love men who are gentleman. Surprise her with flowers on date night, every woman loves to feel special.

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