The Way They Treat You Is How They Really Feel

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The Way They Treat You Is How They Really Feel

Let's be real no relationship is perfect, but every relationship is worth fighting for if the love is real. The arguments are part of having a healthy relationship. Both of you are not always going to see eye to eye.

The disagreements are meant to bring you closer, understanding and respecting each other's view points is always necessary. At the end of the day its about coming closer together and making it work.

Nothing is too complicated if both parties involved take the time to correct the issue or issues, but it all comes down to how much someone means to you and how bad you don't want to lose them.

Someone once said "The way someone treats you is the way they really feel about you" and i felt that on so many levels. Someone who really wants you will treat you like it.

Someone who is unsure about you will treat you like you are just an option in their life. It won't bother them to see you hurt.

There is nothing too complicated that a relationship can't get thru if both parties involved really want to be together. The complications start when one feels as if they are having to pull their partner's weight.

Their lack of effort into trying to make things works causes friction. When you are in a relationship you shouldn't have to feel like you are begging someone for their attention, it should be automatically given.

Life is complicated enough to have to go home and deal with a relationship that drains you. Home should be your safe haven. Your place of comfort and peace.

Home should be a place you look forward to going after a long day at work. Their presence should bring you comfort and not frustration.

Their love for you should always make you feel safe and entrusting, free to express yourself. It shouldn't feel forced. Someone that loves you won't have to keep telling you how they feel about you. You will know by how they make you feel.

Their effort in making you happy will always show up. Consistency is key when they care. They don't allow time to change how they feel about you.

He will make sure he is physically and emotionally available to you whenever you need him. If he acts like he doesn't care more than likely he doesn't. That's a hard truth to swallow when you love someone.

But if his behavior keeps showing you that he doesn't care about you then you need to see it for what it is and not what you would want it to be. Consistent actions don't lie and if he consistently letting you down it's time to make the right decision for yourself.

Love is not complicated, it's the people we get into relationships with that bring baggage from their past expecting to build something solid on top of it.

We've all been broken hearted in the past and sometimes that can leave us damaged, which is why it's so important to heal the parts of you that are shattered before inviting a potential mate into your life.

It's not fair to them to have to try to fix what they didn't break. They can help but they can never do the work for you. That's an internal issue that has to be dealt with.

You know deep down it's not complicated, it's just that they don't give af. That's the difference. If they don't hurt when you're hurt, then they're not the one.

Don’t let the people who don’t make a difference in your life, make a difference to your peace. Peace is too expensive to let people who don’t make deposits make withdrawals. Release them to go be somebody else's problem. Your peace is to expensive to allow anyone to make you feel like you are too complicated to love.

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