These Are The Types Of Guys You Should Never End Up Marrying

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These Are The Types Of Guys You Should Never End Up Marrying

It's not how long you date someone that determines if your marriage will be successful. It's how much work you put into the relationship the determines its success.

Some people can date for a month and stay married for a lifetime. Some people can date for years and divorce in a month. Both partners should be focused on creating a healthy and solid foundation that creates a vulnerable environment to share and to discover your intimate truths, needs and hurts.

Commitment and goals all have to line up in your heart and mind with being a great partner. Pay attention, if a man does or shows any of these signs he is not someone you should be marrying.

1. He Is Controlling

You have to know the difference between a man loving you and a man that's controlling you. Sometimes a form of control can come off as love but it's not. It is unhealthy and shouldn't be ignored.

Controlling men tend to demean and criticize others as a mean to build themselves up. They try to control where you can and cannot go. How you dress and who you can be friends with.

2. He Views Women As Objects Of Pleasure

He refers to women as nothing more than objects for a man's sexual pleasure. He doesn't think women are equal to men. He doesn't treat you as his equal.

He treats you like you are just an option in his life because he has other women who will fulfill his sexual urges.

3. He Is Abusive

Abuse comes in many forms not just physical. Mental and emotional abuse are not often talked about because they don't leave any physical evidence behind.

But the damage can take yrs to heal if at all. A man who feels the need to abuse his woman in any form is a coward and doesn't deserve you. Never mistake abuse as love, it's manipulation.

4. He Refuses To Stay Committed To You

Don't give a man an emotional commitment who cannot give you a relationship commitment. An emotional investment without commitment will drain the life out of you.

You can't be fully invested while they have one foot in and one foot out of the relationship. It's an all in or all out type of year. Don't let a man waste your time. If he is unsure let him go be unsure with someone else.

5. Refuses To Open Up Or Communicate

A lack of or poor communication is the cause of many failed relationships. Nothing can be fixed with closed or negative mouths. Don't let private thoughts, opinions and interpretations tear your relationship apart.

Communication cancels confusion. Misunderstanding and hurt caused by a lack of communication can destroy a relationship.

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