This is how the man who knows your importance will treat you

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This is how the man who knows your importance will treat you

We learn by experience what we are supposed to learn about love. Nobody skips being hurt by wrong people, nobody is worth less because they loved the wrong one.

They had some good qualities, they started out strong, they said they would change, they acted right sometimes – Time proves if we're right or wrong about someone, not how much we love them.

Time helps us to weed out the wrong one's. Time gives the wrong one's the opportunity to crack, to break, to show their true self. Time gives people the opportunity to show us who they are, regardless of what our expectations are.

A man that knows your worth will treat you the following way:

1. He Always Walks You To Your Door

Men are protective by nature and will always go the extra mile to make sure you are home safe. Regardless whether it's day time or night time. He will walk you to your door.

He will always make sure you feel protected and back it up with the small gestures he shows you.

2. He Is Not Afraid Of Commitment

He knows a blessing when he sees one and he knows you are his other half. He won't run from commitment. He knows the importance of having a good woman by his side.

He won't risk losing you, he knows God finally answered his prayers and gifted him with a love like yours.

3. He Spoils You

Some men think that spoiling their woman takes money, but when you are with the right woman you will find out that it's the smallest things you that win her heart.

He is so gentle when it comes to you. He takes care of your needs whatever they may be. Spoils you with backrubs, and foot rubs without you even asking. He knows your days are long.

4. He Is Goofy And Makes You Laugh

Someone with a sense of humor is a plus and he definitely has one. He makes you laugh even when you try your hardest to be mad at him for whatever reasons.

On your worst days he always puts a smile on your face. He hates to see you stressed or frustrated. He takes the initiative to always make sure you are okay.

5. He Makes You Feel Loved And Desired

He walks the walk and talks the talk. When it comes to you he always shows you how important you are to him. He reassures you that you are all he ever wants.

He doesn't allow outside distractions to make him lose focus on what he has at home. He shows you and makes you feel loved because you are the most important thing to him. You are top priority.

6. He Spends Quality Time With You

He doesn't treat you any different than he did when he first met you. He knows the importance of keeping love alive is to spend time together and bond.

There is always something new to learn about each other, and he loves to get to know the most intimate things that nobody else knows about you.

7. He Romances You

He is not someone whom you have to beg to take you out on dates. He is 2 steps ahead of you everytime. He always plans dates with you. Romancing you is his way of showing you his love for you.

Whether he plans a date night in or a date night out you can see the effort he puts in to show you he appreciates you. A man that knows your importance will not treat you any less than you deserve.

Until you find a love that appreciates you, it's best to remain single. Not everyone deserves to get to know you on an intimate level. The heart made for you will handle your heart with care.

Your love is a priviledge that not everyone deserves.

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