U Gotta Show Me At This Point

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U Gotta Show Me At This Point

It's one thing to be told you come first and another to be shown you come first.

Relationships are complicated, they’ve always been and always will be. Both partners need to invest a lot of time, effort and dedication to make things work and not many people are prepared to make all the compromises that need to be done.

This is especially difficult because men and women are drastically different, men are much simpler and practical while women are more sensitive, emotional and romantic.

That’s why sometimes it’s much harder for women to understand men, they find it hard to decipher their behavior and in many cases they simply cannot tell when a man deeply cares for them or loves them truly.

Respect Goes A Long Way

Someone can promise you that they will respect you but can they really show you the respect you deserve at all times? Not just when things are good between the two of you but also during disagreements.

During the heat of the moment can someone still approach you with respect or call you out your name. When it comes to respect don't trust what they tell you but more so what they show you.

Your Partner Makes Sacrifices For You

If your partner really loves you he will make all the sacrifices in the world for you. He will bring you down the moon and move the earth just to make you happy.

It's all well and good that he tells you but can he show you that he is willing to make sacrifices for you and for the sake of the relationship. Sweet words can only go so far. You've heard it all before so now you want to be shown.

Your Partner Makes You A Priority

It's one thing to be told you come first and another to be shown you come first. All those words don't mean anything when you keep being shown the opposite of what you're getting told.

Mean what you say and say what you mean. Show me i come first, all that other ish i've heard it all before. While i can appreciate the nice words i want to be shown at this point.

Grown man do grown man ish. I'm tired of empty words and sitting on false hope of things being said to me but never followed through. I don't ask for much but if you're going to say something, make sure to back it up with actions.

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