We All Deserve Better After All We've Been Thru

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We All Deserve Better After All We've Been Thru

For some of us life has presented us with some tough times, but those tough times is what have made us who we are today. We don't take life for granted. We are a miracle in the making embracing life experiences. The only truly bad experience is the one we don't grown from.

We have walked with people whom we thought had our best interest at heart just to find out that they were robbing us of our peace. We've had people in our life who have emotionally robbed us. People whom we trusted drained us daily.

You gave your all to relationships that didn't appreciate you. Sold yourself short trying to love people who didn't deserve your energy. Matters of the heart became your focus and you lost yourself trying to keep everyone else happy.

The person who promised you they were different turned out to be just like your past experiences. You been hurt more than you deserved but you fought your way out of that hurt day after day, tear after tear.

You had to learn to cut off certain people. You had to learn how to stop certain types of mentalities visit your space. You no longer have time for things you had time for back when you had nothing to lose.

You've had to learn how to love yourself and drain the poison left by those that didn't deserve you.

The past few years have challenged you in every area of your life. From losing friendships, to relationships. Down to losing family. The heartbreaks have been painful but very eye opening.

You have been accused of things by people you trusted and thought loved you. People have walked out of your life without explanation. You were left hurt and wounded by those you loved.

It's time to rise up and own your peace of mind. Stop doubting yourself and build, walk, fight, and start over. Stop doubting and let it go. What happened had to happen the way it happened so that you could come out this storm stronger than ever.

You deserve all the blessings coming your way for keeping your faith that things would get better. You deserve all the blessings coming your way for not allowing people to change who you are just to get back at them.

When you look back, some of the people who you thought did you wrong, actually did you a favor. Some people who left your life unblocked the blessings coming your way for eveything you've been through.

The people who abandoned you when you needed them the most made you realize you didn't need them after all. Thank everyone who tried to break you, thanks to them your fight is stronger than ever.

You're going to heal, move forward and possess everything you've lost during your trying times. You will walk away from apologies that will never come. You will forgive each and every person that's done you wrong, not because they deserve it but because you refuse to be in bondage over what they did.

You don't need their apology. You need your freedom and your life back. Drain the poison and focus on living your best life. Shut the door to your past and begin to heal. You deserve to give yourself the best life after everything you been through.

Some people are like viruses whose only purpose is to infect your life. Put them out and keep them out and see how much better life gets. Your shoulders were not meant to carry unnecessary stress, once you let go of pointess conversations and people your blessings will begin to flow.

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