When A Woman Goes Silent, She No Longer Cares

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When A Woman Goes Silent, She No Longer Cares

Sometimes love is not enough, if the person you choose to love tears you down disrespects you, degrades you and is unfaithful to you then you're better off heart broken rather than in a miserable relationship. We all deserve to be treated right. Once you realize that, you will gather the strength to move on no matter how bad it hurts.

Silence is deadly. When she gets quiet on you, she is letting reality sink in. She has mentally checked out, and soon enough her heart will accept what no longer is and she will walk away. Embrace the good woman staring back at you before time makes you regret not stepping up.

She has realized that she deserves more than what you were willing to give her, so she gathered up her strength to walk away no matter how bad it hurt. One thing about her is that she may want you, but she certainly doesn't need you.

She has dealt with the excuses far too long. She's tired of having to fake being happy. All she wants is a man of his word. Someone real who is about what he speaks of.

She's not asking for perfection, she's asking for something real. Someone who for once turns out to be what they claim to be at the beginning. Not someone who pretends to be someone they are not.

She's tired of dealing with men who come of a certain way at the beginning just to disappoint her in the end by turning out to be just like the rest she's dated in the past.

No woman wants to feel like she is a burden or made to feel like she is asking for too much simply for wanting to be loved right. Any man who has a problem with that, is clearly the wrong man for you.

Women are vocal and will voice what is bothering them, but after a certain amount of tries and talks she will stop all communication. She will simply let you be and when you least expect it, she will walk away.

She's not walking away because she doesn't love you anymore, she's walking away because she loves herself more and has enough respect for herself not to beg a man to treat her right.

Loving her right is not about gifts or how much money you have. Loving her right is about learning her love language, about listening to how she wants to be loved and making her feel it.

She makes her own money, she's not impressed by yours. Whenever a woman tells you she's unhappy listen to her. If she tells you to fix it, fix it. Saying "Okay" just to shut her up will only make things worse.

She will get tired of repeating herself. Tired of the only thing she gets in return for her loyalty, is a new reason not to be. Tired of always getting the bare minimum while she is giving it her all.

There comes a point in every woman's life where she gets tired of the excuses, tired of the lies, tired of the explanations, and tired of caring. It's draining. When she reaches that level, it's no longer about how much she loves you, but more so about how much she loves and respects herself.

There isn't enough love in the world to allow a man to treat her any kind of way. She will always give it her all, that's why she will walk away with no regrets, because there is only so much you can repeat yourself and still be ignored and taken for granted.

People who do not understand your silence will never understand your words.

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