When You Ignore Her, You Are Only Helping Her Realize She Doesn't Need You

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When You Ignore Her, You Are Only Helping Her Realize She Doesn't Need You

Ignore her long enough and she will realize you are not worth it.

Relationships are not easy but they are easier if you pick the right person to be with. And well, that's the powerful part of it all, because sometimes you must date the wrong person in order to figure out who the right person actually is.

Someone ignoring you is a clear sign that you are not a priority in their life. You are simply an option they respond to when they want to. If they cared about you they would take the time to respond within a decent time frame.

Don't waste your time on the wrong one when you could be with the right one. Holding on to someone who doesn't show any signs of changing their ways is only keeping you stuck and wondering if they really care.

The one meant for you will make it clear. Yes, life can get busy and we can get caught up. But when ignoring you has become the norm that is a clear sign he is not the right man for you.

Don't waste your love on a man who makes you feel like you are not important enough to him. His love should be your safe haven not. There is no room for doubting where you stand in the relationship.

Everytime he chooses to ignore you, allow that to give you the strength to move on. You shouldn't have to feel like you have to keep texting them bck or calling them multiple times a day just to be ignored.

Don't lose sleep overthinking about why he is not as responsive as he once was. Lack of interest is a clear sign on his behalf. There is no excuse or good enough reason to ignore the woman he claims to love or interested in.

The lack of responsiveness from him over time becomes played out and it becomes clear you are fighting a winless battle. In due time he starts to become less attractive. You no longer see him in the same way you once did.

Don’t waste your texts on someone who ignores them, or answers them in a few hours or sometimes even days. Don’t waste them on someone who regularly forgets to text first and then comes back with some lame excuses.

Don’t waste them wanting to know how he is and how his day went if he doesn’t ask you about how you are and about your day.

Choosing to move on is not giving up. It's loving yourself enough to know you deserve someone who is attentive to your needs. Because you love you is all the explanation they need. Anything more than that is unnecessary.

You should be okay with letting someone who doesn't deserve you go when letting them stay in your life is killing you. Don't set yourself on fire trying to keep them warm.

When enough is enough...no matter how much you love them you have to love yourself more and take your losses. The love that deserves you is waiting for you to let go of what is hurting you.

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