Why He Won't Let You Go, Even Tho He Doesn't Want You

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Why He Won't Let You Go, Even Tho He Doesn't Want You

"I don’t care what he says or how different you think your situation is, it’s time to stop lying to yourself. You’re not building, you’re being wasted."

No man is so once in a lifetime that you settle for the mere crumbs of affection he gives you only when its convenient for him. Love is as love does. If he really loved you like he says, you wouldn't be feeling so uneasy.

It's one thing to want to stay in a relationship where the both of you are working to fix things. It's another when you are the only one trying while he is comfortable leaving it the way it is until you threaten to leave.

We all want to believe that the man we love doesn't want to let go of us because he keeps calling, texting and reaching out to right his wrongs. He keeps calling and texting his feelings so we take that as a sign that he truly wants to make things work.

Him reaching out makes you feel as though he loves you and doesn't want to lose you when in reality its just his way of reacting to you ending things between the two of you. He wasn't interested in making things better, only after the fact.

Just because a man won't let you go doesn't mean he loves you. Realistically speaking if he really loved you he wouldn't put you through the things he puts you through. The reason he keeps you around is because you are convenient to him.

You are too beneficial for him to just let you go. You carry the relationship and allow him to get away with too much. You do everything for him in hopes that he sees what a great woman you are.

He mistreats you, disrespects you and even cheats on you. He tends to break you down emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. The fact that he insists that he wants to be with you, cancels out the fact that he is no good for you.

You start to go by what he says instead of what he shows you. All the lip service he gives you makes you start to feel as though he must really love you since he doesn't want to let you go.

He wants the physical, he wants the comfort, he wants the ability to pick you up and put you down when he’s done, but he doesn’t want you in the all encompassing way a man in love wants his woman.

A man in love doesn't wait for you to threaten to leave in order to step up. An ultimatum shouldn't be his reason for putting forth effort into loving you right. This will only make him act right for the first few weeks just to reel you in and then its back to the same negative behavior that made you want to leave in the first place.

A man that really loves his woman doesn't continuously and conciously hurt her. It would weight heavy knowing he was stressing her and making her unhappy. He wouldn't be ok knowing he is the cause of your pain.

Not all situations are on the same level but the principle remains the same. The only reason he keeps you around is not because he loves you but more so because you are a meal ticket. You are someone he can easily manipulate into forgiving him without demanding real change.

At the end of the day you have to make a decision that benefits you. You know your situation more than anyone else. You have to be honest with yourself and stop feeding yourself the lie of "He can't let me go, he loves me because he keeps coming back"

No man should have to keep knocking on your door to prove what you already know. Any man that's in your life is there by permission only. He can only do to you what you allow him to get away with.

Don't question why he won't let you go but more so why are you allowing him to stay. You are a grown woman, don't let a man play you twice.

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