You Are Somebody's Prayer Request

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You Are Somebody's Prayer Request

You are not hurting for the right reason. You're hurting because you are disappointed that your expectations were not met. The hurt you're feeling is causing you stress and your soul is tired from the "Why me."

Your last was simply a love lesson. They didn't deserve you. You weren't rejected you were protected from doing overtime in a relationship that was not for you.

You're hurt because your expectations of the wrong person did not turn out the way you wanted them to or hoped they would. You're hurt because you doubled down and tried to make them do right by loving them even more but it didn't work.

You're hurt because you invested so much of your love and it wasn't enough. You're hurt because they're acting like your love didn't matter by enjoying their life without you.

You're letting the expectations you had of the wrong person make you feel like you were played, you were stupid, you should have known better, you should have followed your mind and not your heart.

You should have left when they did it the first time. We learn by experience what we are supposed to learn about love. Nobody skips those lessons, nobody skips being hurt by wrong people, you are not worth less because you mistook a season love for a lifetime love.

They had some good qualities, they started out strong, they said they would change, they acted right sometimes – you didn't just make it up. Time proves if we're right or wrong about someone, not how much we love them.

Time helps us to weed out the wrong one's. Time gives the wrong one's the opportunity to crack, to break, to show their true self. Time gives people the opportunity to show us who they are, regardless of what our expectations are.

Time did it's job. You have to thank time for saving you. You have to thank time for not letting your history block your destiny. You have to thank time for preventing you from living the rest of your life expecting the right thing from the wrong person.

You have to thank time for showing you what you couldn't or didn't want to see. Thank time for making you a stronger, better and wiser lover. Thank time for giving you the opportunity to give your love to the right one.

Thank time for saving your life and teaching you instead of letting hell destroy you.

When we cannot work through our false emotions and find our truth, a lie will make us miserable. Thank them for the lesson. You cannot be well until you can wish somebody well.

It doesn't matter how they left, why they left or if you wished they didn't – they unblocked your destiny door. It doesn't matter how you feel about it, if you're sad about it or if you wished they were somebody they aren't – they unblocked your door to move on to something better.

You cannot cleanse your soul of people until you restore, repair the love for you, your life, your potential, your incredible value. You had a life before you met them, and you will have a life after them.

If you didn't, now is the time to create your own happiness inside of you. Date you. Enjoy your life. Your lifetime partner is not coming to make you happy, your lifetime partner is coming to compliment your happy, to support a happy environment.

Get intimate with you, get your life back, find your happiness being in your own company, with quality friends and slowly, start draining the poison of giving the right love to the wrong person.

After you thank them for the valuable lesson, apologize to yourself for not knowing what you didn't know and promise yourself to use your new degree to love in the future.

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