You Are Too Good Of A Woman To Settle For Ordinary

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You Are Too Good Of A Woman To Settle For Ordinary

Everyone has their definition of what makes a good woman. In short a good woman is someone who is proud of herself and doesn't seek validation from outside sources. She is confident in her own skin.

Good women are loyal by default, and will love you wholeheartedly as long as you are deserving of it. Her loyalty is unmatched and is the reason behind staying in dead end relationships longer than she should have.

She makes him think about a future with her.

A good woman will make you think of your goals and plans and make sure they are in alignment with what you want out of life. If a woman wants a stable man then she needs to be stable herself. That’s one of the top signs of a good woman.


A good woman is secure within herself and not easily jealous over other women. She’s not quick to put the next woman down just because she thinks the woman looks good and provides competition to her own looks.

No man wants an insecure woman who is always messing up his business deals because she thinks he’s flirting with or having sexual relations with the women he works with.

Treats You Like A King

A good woman not only speaks to the King in her man, but she also treats him as such. She sees potential in him. She treats you like he is the most capable and deserving man in the world, in addition to spoiling and catering to him in the most feminine way.

A good woman will often make a man feel like he’s the only man who exists in her eyes. There is power in a good woman who can push her man to new heights.. A good woman sees greatness in her King.

She thinks he’s amazing and makes him feel as such. A good woman is so amazing that she will have a man feeling like Nas, when he made “If I Ruled The World.” She will have him feeling like anything is possible, like he could actually change the world.. Imagine that, or simply google Barack Obama.

A man is not allowed to be lazy when he’s in a relationship with a good woman. She makes him honest. If you tend to make excuses for why you can’t do something a good woman will call you ou ton your bs and make you shape up.

If you want a promotion, but claim to not be able to get one she will quickly let you know that in all honestly you’re not doing enough. A good woman will always encourage her man to make an honest living that he can be proud of.

Most importantly she knows how to talk to him and tell him these things without being down on him.


A good woman isn’t quiet with no input. She’s full of ideas to help improve your business, outlook in life and overall health. She supports her mans ideas and motivates him to accomplish his goals.

A good woman is a good listener. Ultimately she is able to change you without trying. A good woman makes you a better man.

She Loves You For You And Not What You Can Offer

A good woman doesn’t require that you buy her expensive gifts in order to obtain or maintain her affection. She’s just as happy with sentimental gifts from a man as she would be with a gift of Louboutin shoes.

It’s not all about money with her, it’s all about you and the man whom you are. When a man finds a good woman that’s when those wedding bells start to ring.

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