You Can't Change Someone

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You Can't Change Someone

Our whole human survival is based on the fact that we have learned how to love.

What more can we say about love? It has been defined and explained billion times. It is certainly one very important part of every human being.

Our whole human survival is based on the fact that we have learned how to love. Love is the strongest human bond responsible for our survival. In the movie Interstellar there is a conversation about the meaning of love between Cooper and Brand.

They talk about how we still can’t fully understand love. That love is not something that we humans invented, but it could be some sort of higher dimension. Love certainly has a higher meaning and it is social bonding, social unity, child rearing and so on.

The only thing that we are able to perceive that also surpasses the dimension of space and time, is love. When we talk about romantic love we have to be aware that true love always finds its way.

When it is a true love, all questions stop. Every part of your partner will indicate when there is deep and true love, like the way you look at each other, the way you touch, the way you smile and so on.

To show you how much they care about you, they will always be there for you and will always find a way for you to be together.

Yes, it is possible for someone to always be with you but does not truly love you and you will know it. It is crucial to accept that sometimes a person won’t love you the same way you love them and you simply must move on from this situation and seek your true love.

You shouldn’t spend your life with someone who doesn’t loves you truly. It is important to learn from all those bad experience and find out what you are seeking and what are your priorities.

Love is giving us hope that there is something better for us out there, we should never give up. Loneliness does not have to be a permanent state, but also spending time with the wrong person is not the solution.

It is better to set free those who do not love you than be miserable with them. You deserve better! It is very wrong to feel sorry, hate and blame yourself. The moment you learn how to stop those feelings, you will start living and good things will happen to you.

Never stop loving and no matter how many times you have fallen always rise up. As long as you rise up you will be given a chance for better love and life.

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