You Deserve Someone Who Thinks You're Too Important To Lose

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You Deserve Someone Who Thinks You're Too Important To Lose

You never need to wonder why someone is not treating your love like it deserves to be treated. You have to wonder why you would let someone who doesn't deserve your love mishandle your heart.

Somewhere outthere somebody is praying for a love like yours. If they can't act like they are the one that was praying for your love, believe them and dismiss them. You can't afford to accept less than you deserve.

Your life is too important to put your life on hold waiting for them to act right and love you like you deserve. You deserve someone who thinks you're too important to lose.

Real love has endurance and patience. True love is always as strong as it needs to be to handle whatever it needs to handle. Love can do what we can't.

Love will not mistreat nor disrespect you. Someone who feels as tho you are too important to lose will never treat you as though you are not good enough. You won't have to second guess where you stand.

Don't let someone waste your time. One person's "I'm not ready" is another person's "I knew the second I saw you." But by then you'll be saying "I do" to the person who already knew.

Love might be a lot of things but its definitely not uncertain. Your life is too important to waste your time on someone who is only offering what might be love. It's either they do or they don't. There is no in between.

Someone who thinks you're too important to lose will invest in you and the relationship. Your lifetime love is just as important as your job and everything else.

You can't neglect your relationship and expect it to work out. Every relationship requires work, it's not always about the good times but about overcoming obstacles and bad days together.

You have to know what you want. That way you automatically know if somebody has potential or if they're just somebody you only see as a void filler. Someone you see as something to do when there is nothing to do.

In order to reach greatness in a relationship you have to be willing to make sacrifices. Relationships are about compromise. It's never about one person.

Recognize when someone treats you like an option. You will never be good enough for the wrong person. Someone who can't value you can't love you correctly. Therefore will never see you as his equal and will always treat you as though you are replaceable.

Don't reevaluate your value beause the wrong person cannot see your worth. Your life is too important to lose yourself trying to make somebody see what they will never see.

You deserve someone who values your love, and knows what they have when they have it, not when they have lost it. You know what you require, and the love you deserve. If they can't love you right, they are not the one for you.

If you have to walk away from what's not meant for you, don't walk back and expect a different outcome. Closing a chapter in your life is not always easy but when reopening it takes you back to being unloved, closing it is not an option.

Your life is too important to keep replaying your past. If someone can't treat you right, show them the door, lock it and change the keys.

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