You Don't Lose Friends

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You Don't Lose Friends

As we get older we outgrow certain people. Life gets in the way of being able to see friends on a regular basis like we use to. Some of us go away to school or start a family which takes up a lot of our time.

But real friendships survive whatever life throws at them. A real friend understands you have responsibilites that you may not have had a few yrs ago. You may not talk every day or see each other often but they are always there for you.

The only "friends" who have a problem are the fake ones. Those will be the ones to walk away once you are no longer available to always be there.

1. Toxic Friendships

Just like there are toxic relationships you also have toxic friendships. A toxic friendship usually brings out the worst in you. Those are the "friends" that you are better off without.

They are usually never there for you, but are quick to extend their hand when they need you. They are messy, always with the gossip and tend to talk about you behind your back.

2. Some friends can deter you from growing

Some friends never grow up. They stay stuck in their old ways. As we grow we evolve and are always looking for way to improve ourselves and our surroundings. Keeping certain friends around can really make you take a few steps back instead of forward.

It's important to pick out who those friends are. You don't lose a friend, you lose someone who is not good for your growth. They are not motivating or inspiring you to go higher. They are just holding you back to the old you.

3. Out with the old in with the new

Sometimes we don't realize that those so called friends that walked away from us were a blessing in disguise. It only allowed for new friendships to begin.

Meaningful friendships that bring in new perspectives to life. Friendships that add value to your life and inspire you to become a better version of yourself.

4. Real friendships get through it all

A real friend will always be around regardless of how much time has passed by. Those are the friends that are worth keeping around. They are genuinely there.

Real friendships feel like family. They are not just there for the good times, but are also there when things get bad. They encourage you and push you not to give up.

At the end of the day you will know who your real friends are and who were just there to use you. Many will claim to be your friends but when things get real they start to act real iffy.

Those are the one you are better off without. Stick to the friends that you can always count on no matter how often you talk or see each other, but are always there for you no matter what.

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