You Might Be Sapiosexual: 5 Signs You Get Turned On By Intelligence

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You Might Be Sapiosexual: 5 Signs You Get Turned On By Intelligence

A sapiosexual is someone who is attracted to you past your physical. They get turned on by your mind and your intelligence. Those who are sapiosexual are stimulated or challenged by the way another person thinks.

They are basically turned on and in love with the mind, come to think of it the brain can be considered the largest sex organ.

Our brain is the operating center for a complex network of nerves, hormones and other chemicals that are responsible for sexual desire and response. Our brain transmits signals that start a cascade of reactions leading to arousal and mood awareness. It all starts between your eyebrows not between your legs.

Here are some clear signs you are turned on by intelligence.

1. You Are Not OverWhelmed By The Complexity Of The Female Brain

You are intrigued by the way she thinks. You are always interested in what she's asking rather than saying "You think too much."

2. Reading Books Together Is The Perfect Date

Fancy dates are ok from time to time, but spending a night in reading each other's favorite is the ideal perfect date. You love listening to each other read. It gives you an idea of what sparks their interest.

3. You Are Picky With Whom You Invest Your Time In

Everyone doesn't get your time that easy. You are picky with whom you decide to date, not because you are full of yourself but because you know the importance of someone being able to intellectually meet your needs.

4. You Get Easily Turned Off By Bad Grammar

You love receiving texts that are well put together and gramatically correct. Not those short answer texts with misspelled words. Nothing sexier than a long reply to your texts.

5. You Crave Knowledge

You are always up for learning something new no matter where or who it comes from. Finding someone who can share common knowledge or someone who exceeds your intelligence turns you on.

You love having deep conversations to pick their brain and learn things you had no knowledge of.

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