You Want A Partner Not A Project

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You Want A Partner Not A Project

A woman was not design to carry the man. If you are in a relationship with a man that is lazy, full of excuses as to why he doesn't work, know that he is a manipulator and is comfortable with living off you.

The man was designed to be the protector, pursuer, warrior, and provider. If he is ok just sitting around watching you struggle and not lift a finger to help. He is a project far from being a partner.

Men will sacrifice for the greater good of the family. If he sits around all day playing video games waiting on your payday you are dealing with a boy. No real man wants a handout.

A partner is a man who is willing to help you out. Someone who understands the importance of being a help mate. If he doesn't take the initiative to help you out and is completely fine with you doing all the work you are dealing with a boy.

A partner understands the importance of romancing his woman. He will pay attention to the small details and surprise you from time to time. If you find yourself constantly having to tell a man how you want to be treated you are dealing with a project.

A partner will take the time to learn your love language and make sure he is taking care of you emotionally.

If she's constantly complaining, dude listen. There's something wrong. Usually it becomes nagging because you are consistently ignoring it. Relationship issues don't get solved by saying "yes" just to shut her up.

They get fixed by discussing and putting forth effort to to fix the issue. Part of being her man is knowing how to handle an issue with your woman rather than running from it and making it bigger than it needs to be.

A partner understands the importance of reassuring you about his feelings for you without you having to ask. He doesn't just assume you know, he makes sure you know.

A partner will have no problems catering to you emotionally. He knows your mental health is important to the both of you. Playing mind games is far from who he is. He will make things clear from the begining.

A project man will complain about how he told you about his feelings six months ago and that should be enough. He doesn't take the time to romance you but expects you to be a freak in the sheets.

A good woman is faithful, ambitious, driven, family oriented, honest and loyal. Who supports you at worst and is there to celebrate you at your best.

A woman that can do more than just satisfy your sexual needs is hard to come by. If you are lucky to have a good woman by your side do your part. Stop making things more difficult than they should be.

She shouldn't have to mold you into a man. You should want to be a better man for her. Every woman reaches a point where she stops pouring her love into a man who fails at doing the same for her. Work on yourself and becoming a better version of yourself for you and her. Because if you don't it will be another man doing for her what you failed to do.

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