YOU were always the problem

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YOU were always the problem

Often times a woman stays in a relationship not because she's stupid or dumb like some people like to call it but because it's hard to walk away from someone she's invested her heart, time, and energy into.

A woman's love is deep and will often times go above and beyond for a man she sees potential in even if he doesn't deserve it.

She will give it her all and fight for what she wants, but she will refuse to fight alone. You have to be able to match her energy and love her like she deserves. She's not asking for your entire world, just a piece of it.

She's ready to experience all the emotions real love brings with a man who knows what he has when he has it, not when he's lost it.

Love isn't about taking months to decide if you want her in your life. Love isn't about you pouring out your heart out after you have hurt her. Love is not you having to prove everything you do for her, but about making her feel it.

A woman will always fight for the relationship until she realizes she's the only one fighting. She can love you to the moon and back and still walk away. She will not allow herself to keep hurting for a man who is not hurting for her.

She's tired of crying herself to sleep. Tired of loving someone who keeps proving they don't love her. Tired of the neglect, abuse, and disrespect.

When your love is real it's hard to just stop loving someone. That's what makes breaking up so hard. You know it's time to go but your love won't let you walk away.

Real love wants you to give them another chance, another chance to prove to you that they will love you like you deserve. Another chance to make it work even tho deep down inside you know it will never happen.

She can have all the love in the world for you but there comes a point in every woman's life where she gets tired and comes to the realization that she deserves better.

She accepts the fact that she won't stop loving you, at least not as quick as she would like to. But moving on is not about falling out of love for you but more so about falling deeper in love with herself.

Acknowledging that staying in certain situations is a betrayal to her own self.

Sometimes love is not enough, if the person you choose to love tears you down disrespects you, degrades you and is unfaithful to you then you're better off heart broken rather than in a miserable relationship.

We all deserve to be treated right. Once you realize that, you will gather the strength to move on no matter how bad it hurts.

Realizing that in order for her light to shine she has to say goodbye and cry her last cry, because at the end of the day she gave it her all. She was never the problem, the problem was you not realizing that she was riding for you and only you until she parked.

So when you see her doing her, mind your business.

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